Asimo is alive


I know Asimo is alive because he move's around like a human and human's are alive and move too, I also know that he's alive because when he does move he can do different thing's (like hop on one foot, walk side ways, run, climb stairs, kick a ball and walk on rocks an unbalanced floors).


He's also alive because he grows just like us, he doesn't only just grow in body size he also grows his vocabulary , his thinking, his senses isn't that cool? Every 5 years scientist would work on Asimo for 30 years (Since 1986) they made him smarter and sensible to humans and others.


Lastly I know Asimo is alive because when you tell him to pour you a glass of juice or water he will do it or when u tell him to jump or run he responses to you, he also can have a respectable conversation with you , he answers questions and follows instructions clearly.
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