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Religion in Constantinople

Religion in Constantinople is everything. Religion is a part of every day life. Most people are Christian in Constantinople. Christianity was more than a religion. It was the very foundation of their empire. Constantine built his new capital, he intended it to be the religious center of the empire. It was the living representative of God and Jesus Christ. One of the main churches in Constantinople is the Orthodox Church.

Government in Constantinople

Government was also a big part of Constantinople. Religion and government were more closely linked in the Byzantine empire than in the west. The government in Constantinople was great because they get buildings fixed, but because they give you rights and fair laws. The government also protects Constantinople very well.

Geography in Constantinople

Constantinople was easy to defend because of it being surrounded by large bodies of water. Constantinople was the place that all trade routes lead to. It is very easy to get to. It is also surrounded by miles of walls that are fortified by watchtowers and gates which made invasion by land or sea very difficult.

Daily Life in Constantinople

Daily life was very easy in Constantinople. Everyone goes to church several times a day. Religion is such a huge part of Constantinople by even having religious art, and architecture. There is a lot of different churches in Constantinople.
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