Dog-Ears: March 2015

Slackwood' s Literacy Newsletter

Save the Date! Our next Family Literacy Night will be March 20th at 6:30pm! See you there!

What IS Family Literacy Night?

We hold several Family Literacy Nights each year to help families foster a love of reading with their children. Our focus for each session is different but always centers upon helping to build lifelong readers and learners! We aim to help families connect through the joy of literacy. Our warm and welcoming sessions also provide parents with resources geared toward your child's interests and age. Please consider coming and learning, sharing and exploring more about your child's reading habits and how you can help them grow!

What are Kids Reading these Days Anyway?

We are dedicating this month's issue of Dog-Ears to what's new in children's literature. We hope that the links to some fabulous sites! Here are our pics for go-to resources for finding books that both you and your kids are guaranteed to adore!

We hope that you make the time to come and check out the upcoming Family Literacy Night. We will dig into even more resources and ways to encourage lifelong reading habits!

What Kids are Reading (and LOVING!) The best books for your kids!

Great Reads:

Since we are talking great books, we couldn't forget these classics, perfect for cozy-ing up and sharing the sweet act of reading together.

Mr.Popper's Penguins

Little House in the Big Woods

The Trumpet of the Swans

Charlotte's Web

*Pretty much anything by the wonderful Kate DiCamillo


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Check out the official book trailer here!

From the fun and fab Amy Dyckman and Zachariah OHora! The kids will LOVE this one for sure!!

Thanks for Checking Out Dog-Ears! Mrs. Wallauer & Mrs. Kapp