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February/March Newsletter

SOAR into 2014! & What's to come!

As a fantastic start to 2014, the SOAR events held around the country inspired us to kick off the new year, and reminded us to be a force for good! Here are a few topics we covered:

*Jewelry Bar Set-up

*2014 goals

*Leadership & Mentoring

*Get what you want out of your business through time management

Along with the very exciting SOAR events, we had a huge first for O2, the V-day supplemental catalog. The heart locket and chain are gorgeous pieces to add to our already amazing jewelry line. I think these will continue to be a hot item! We also had the crazy experience with the limited edition items... how many of us actually got our hands on the chocolate covered strawberry? ;) With the minor hiccups in production, I think we all have done well accepting the growing pains that are inevitable with such a new company. At the same time, its exciting to be a part of something so fresh, and something that people truely love!

Pop up shops~ what a great oppurtunity to buy low cost items and use as hostess and booking incentives! I know Wendy said using the chain and 3 dangles as booking incentives for a party worked like a charm! Be sure to try that out!!

What's to come:

March is an exciting month!!! Hoot Hoot for the NEW items to be launced ;) Be sure to watch all the webinars and order your catalogs (available now). The new product launch takes place March 8, there are several locations you may choose from, if you need help finding one please let me know. For the first time ever, new product kits will be available for purchase... keep an eye out, it's comin soon!

A few tips to keep your business strong (this is a recap from one of our Senior Director's (Jen))

*Always wear an O2 locket when out in about

*Always carry your business card and catalogs

*Check your BO and O2 updates daily

*Watch the webinars

*Check in with our Facebook group daily

*Reach out to me, your mentor WHENEVER you need me! Text, email is the quickest response ;)

As I am a new Executive Team Leader, I am working on becoming a better mentor. I appreciate all the patience you ladies give to me, I am still trying to find my footing as well as juggle my crazy life ;) I want to be here for you, to help in any way you need me to. I have made a check list of things I am planning to get going very shortly;

-Monthly phone calls to check in with you ladies

-Quarterly trainings for my local gals

-Possible phone trainings for those not local (if any interest)

I am working with my mentor (our Director) to learn to the ins and outs of being a proactive mentor, so please be patient as I fumble my way through ;)

Let's Give a Hoot Hoot!

Top Personal Volume for January & February


Rebecca Bejarano $1448

Wendy Womack $1020

Amy Doane $483

Total Team PV: $4214


Wendy Womack $1505.50

Rebecca Bejarano $1387.20

Amy Doane $1066.50

Total Team PV: $5532.20

Top Sponsor!


Rebecca B.!!!


Rebecca B.!!

Incentive Winners!!!!

~January~ (Inventory)


~February~ (small item for anyone over 1000PV)




If you haven't recieved your incentive, hold tight.. its on the way! ;)