Sparta's life style

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Men/boys of Sparta

Men had big tasks and duties that they were supposed to do and cover.Men ran Sparta! from the army to the government.Even they were the only ones who could become citizens.They had many rights and responsibilities.(Unlike women who had the exact oppose.They had NO rights or responsibilities.)

  • At the age of 7, boys leave their families to go to the barracks to to toughen them up.
  • When the men turned 20 years old, boys could leave and go to the regular army and fight for Sparta.
  • Men could go home after 10 years (30 years old) of being in the army, but your were still in the army.
  • When the men turned 60 they could retire from the army and go home to their families.Many men didn't retire and stayed in the army.And many died on the field fighting for Sparta and their families.* You were expected to die on the field *

Women/girls of sparta

Women had little to no education.They exercised and worked out A LOT.The Spartans thought that if the women exercise and were very athletic, their male babies would be very strong so they could go to the barracks and become an even stronger soldier.So the Spartans would win all battles with very strong soldiers.

  1. Women run all the businesses well the men were out in battle.The men still didn't let them have rights even though the women ran the businesses.
  2. Girls trained in many sports and attended all the athletic contests.So they could be strong and make their babies strong.
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Spartas government

Sparta's form of government was the Oligarchy system.This contained..

  • 2 kings
  • 28 Citizens of Elders
  • 5 Ephors
  • The Assembly
Sense Sparta's government was like this, the women didn't have any rights.So the men would control everything, even though they are already busy in the barracks.
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Sparta was founded by the Dorians.Dorians are Greeks that crashed the Peloponnesus during the dark ages of Greece.The Spartans did not make colonies, but they were very eager for land.So the Spartans went off and conquered their neighbors and made them slaves called Helots.(Helots are captured slaves.)
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Athens vs. Sparta summary

As you can see Sparta is a lot more put together then Athens.Sparta has a stronger and more trained army, athletic women, strong men and women and a well organized government.Well Athens on the other hand...well that's a different "city-state."
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