Science Class Lesson 2 Chapter 11


Newtons 2nd and 3rd Law's

2nd Law:If there is more mass in a object the acceleration will decrease if the object has less mass the acceleration will increase. 3rd Law:For every action there is a equal and oppisite reaction.
In this picture it has more mass so less acceleration.
In this picture ther pushing against each other for that is a action and reaction forces.


My personal meaning is when there isnt enough gravity you will fell like you have no weight what so ever.For example if i was in space i would feel like I dont have any weight.
In this picture hes in space so he feels weightlessness.


Mass is how much matter is in a object for example a baseball has more mass than a tennis ball.If i hit the baseball and tennis ball at the same speed the baseball will go less further because it has more mass.


My personal meaning is if the object has more mass it will keep speeding up and it gets faster and faster for example if you hit a baseball it will have more momentum than hitting a tennis ball because the tennis ball has less mass.
In this picture there are running and building up momentum as they run harder.


My personal meaning is gravity pulls you down so we dont float into space for example I stay on the ground and dont float into space because of gravity.
In this picture gravity causes this apple to fall on his head.