Hampton News

December 2015

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

I can't believe it is already December! The past few weeks have been so much fun! We enjoyed our Harvest Festival last week. We learned about early Native Americans and tasted food, played games, hunted, told stories using pictographs, and weaved. We also created a Thanksgiving symbol and learned how to write a persuasive piece.

We will focus on a service project the next few weeks. We are in the process of developing ideas on how to help others. More information will be sent home soon.

Weathering And Erosion

Academic Standards

Math: We are working on area and perimeter. We created a zoo using specific measurements for area and perimeter. We are also working on finding the area and perimeter of irregular polygons, solving area and perimeter problems, and creating area and perimeter art. We will continue with area and perimeter and start division before break.

Reading: We learned how to use context clues to help us understand what we read and practiced defining vocabulary words. We talked about point of view and perspective. We wrote various stories in first and third person as well as discussed the different perspectives in a story. We rewrote stories in other perspectives and even created stories using ourself as a character and explained how we would react to situations. We just started our unit in author's purpose this week.

Writing: We have been discussing how to persuade others. We worked on creating persuasive stories using emotions and the bandwagon approach. We will continue to work on persuasion by learning how to use testimonials and logic.

Science: We finished our weathering and erosion unit and started our natural resources unit. We will complete an oil spill lab in which we try to clean an oil spill.

Wish List

I am in need of a few supplies for the Oil Spill Lab:


Aluminum pie pans

Coffee Filters

Solo Cups