Influences of Food Choices

By: Janae Miller

Physical Needs

Food is needed to maintain vital functions. provide energy for you muscles and build and repair your tissues. Food relieves hunger and stops the stomach pangs. Food helps with your overall wellness which are- physical health, mental health and your social health. The most important wellness is ability to relieve stress. By eating the right healthy foods, its gives you more energy throughout the day. That's why eating a healthy breakfast like having, peanut butter toast with a banana.

Pyshcological Needs

Your emotions and feelings can change the way you eat. Like for example when a family member passes away. You have that urge just to lay in bed and eat chocolate or ice-cream all day. Some girls who are going through that stage when they feel like they don't have a perfect body like everyone else. So they try to eat less so they can lose weight to look "perfect".

Society & Culture

My family traditions for Christmas is eating one of the Hawaiians Famous dish the Kailua Pig. Like how some families have tamales for Christmas. Or ham and a turkey. There are some religions that has some rules about food. Like how Mormons fast for blessings and on the first Sunday of each month. Mormons also has some rules; they cant drink coffee, tea and alcohol.

Food Availability

Don't you ever have those days when your friends knows you are on a diet and they try and persuade you to eat something tats not healthy? Well that's very tempting to do. Like when someone brings a German Chocolate bar to school and tries to get you to try a piece but you cant because its not healthy.

Personal Food Prefrence

When ever you see a disgusting looking dish or type of food and its smells. You automatically think "Oh my goodness, It probably taste awful! Because it looks and smells disgusting!" You may never know if it taste good and its will be a great thing to add to your diet. Don't judge a book by its cover.