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FUMCR Volume 11

President's Podium

I am honored to serve as president of our choir in this upcoming year. I am grateful to Jenny Kelly for her excellent servant leadership in the past year, and I know she will be a great resource to the choir as the immediate past president. This past year has been amazing, with our choir taking on an incredibly ambitious slate of musical projects. I admire all of you for dedicating yourselves to these projects, and our shared success is a testament to our talent, work ethic, and willingness to embrace new challenges.

The path to personal growth is paved with the willingness to take on new challenges, and I would like to challenge each of you to target at least one person to encourage to join our choir. This is not an easy task, considering how busy most people are. But your incoming choir council has already brainstormed some possible events and incentives to make this job easier, and we will roll out the best of these ideas soon.

When people ask me why I sing in the choir, I tell them most often that I relish those opportunities we have to be inspired. Our experience is about more than just sitting up in the loft on Sundays; it is a chance to be constantly inspired, whether it's performing with and rubbing elbows with accomplished musicians (Rollo Dilworth, Mark Miller, Bradley Welch, Mack Wilberg, and Ken Medema come to mind), or feeling that rush of awe and relief after performing great works like John Rutter's Requiem and Chichester Psalms. Even those simple moments in rehearsal when a harmony really pops and you feel that chill on the back of your neck... that's a seed of inspiration, and it's something to savor.

With the fabulous Orr Music Suite now fully operational, I encourage all of you to reach out to anyone who may be a good candidate for our choir. It's going to be a great year, and there is more inspiration on the way. Let's bring even more singers in to share in that experience.

In Christ,


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First United Methodist Chruch in Richardson, Tx

U2 Unforgettable Wildflower

Unforgettable Fire (U2 Tribute) "Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For"

Alto's Happy Hour

Thursday, June 2nd, 5:30pm

2701 Custer Parkway

Richardson, TX

Calling ALL ALTOS!!! We know you are happy, but now it is time to celebrate that happiness with an Alto Happy Hour!

We will be assembling at Frankie's at Two Creeks, near Customer Rd. & Lookout. in Richardson (Canyon Creek area). Come for the fun fellowship of your Alto companions!

Questions? Call Karen Lanier at (214)202-4856

See you there....Pssssssst....

Basses, Tenors, Sapranos.... y'all should do this too...just sayin'

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

The Fleming Rehearsal Hall

The Fleming Rehearsal Hall is an amazing place that we come together and practice our music skills! However, there will be many more events to occur in that space. So this is a gentle and loving reminder that there is no open cups of any kind of drinks allowed in the Fleming Rehearsal Hall. This means no cups of coffe, hot tea, water, or any other liquid that you might drink. This goes the same for food. No dougnuts, cookies, chicken parmesean, steak, scallop risotto, or anything else that might qualify as food.

What is allowed is bottled water with a cap on it. Singing is hard work, we get that, but let's protect our new space and keep it new.

So you are now being offically commissioned as Choir Food & Drink Restrainment Police! If you see a member, or even a non-member trying to enter the hall with an unmentionable, then please, gently and lovingly remind them that Food & Drink are strictly prohibited in the Hall.

Political Ad paid for by; People in favor of Keeping Our Hall New committee

Frankie's Website <Click Here>

Frankie's Website to see menu, locations, maps, etc!

We LOVE Coffee!!!

Yes we do, for many of us this amazing drink sprouted from a bean we would never have eaten in our regular lives, is the elixer of life... It has many names; Go-Juice, Cafe, Joe, Dirt, Mud, Java, Brew, Bean Juice, Morning Jolt, Life Juice, Caffine Infusion, the list goes on...

Well whatever you call it, what you must know is that there is no coffee service in the Orr Music suite. Yes, I know if you have snooped around in the kitchen you may have seen a Kurieg, but that is not for the Choir. So please do not use that unit for your personal use.

You are still more than welcome to visit the Welcome Center or there is also coffee areas outside the side sancurary doors near the music suite on both sides!!

Political Ad paid for by; Save Our Coffee, The Jittery Pastoral Soceity

Prayer Requests

Joe Rawlinson, Jennifer Rawlinson's father in law as he faces surgery; prayers for comfort and healing

Beth's nephew is leaving for his 5th deployment. He is heading to Afganistan. Prayers for safe travel and protection while abroad.

Kaitlen;s Grandfather (Howard)'s Sister-in-law passed, prayers for comfort.

Continued prayers for Dan H. as he is getting ready for surgery, prayers for safe surgery and quick healing.

Prayers for Patty D. continue.

Remember if you have prayer requests it is best to send them to Beth, so she in turn can send them to Dan and myself to get into the Wed. powerpoint and weekly newsletter.

Please send Joys & Concerns to

Use “Choir News” in subject line

Pray Request Form - FUMCR

This form is to submit prayers to the church, and not to the choir!


I know we have seen some interesting dynamics in our singing... I ran across these on the internet (no I do not know what piece they are from...), but we are going to need Mike to explain how we would apply these dynamics below...

Off the cuff the one on the top I think requires each member to pull out a bullhorn, turn it to "max" volumne, and then sing very loudly into it.

The one below... I am not sure you are allowed to breathe...maybe just breathe out the words...but then again, your breath might generate something, not sure what to do...

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Jack & Marla Orr Music Suite

We give thanks to the genersoity of the Orr's making our music suite possible. Picutred below is the newly named suite and its living benefactor. Thanks Jack and Marla!
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FUMCR - SumgMug Website <Click Here>

Smugmug is a picture uploading site, this one specifically is for FUMCR

The Commish!!!

Congratz to Baritone Daniel Burdette (pictured below) for his apponiment to the City of Richardson Parks and Recreation Commission. If his work there is as good as his singing, expect the Parks and Rec commision to flourish as it never has before!

He is talking all suggentions at this time concerning the Richardson Parks. He enjoys long conversations on how to improve them, see him after choir...

Political Ad paid for by; The Association of Singing Commisioners for Baritone Appoitments

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