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November 16, 2018

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Send an uplifting message to faculty & staff!!

"Let’s finish with a strong push to celebrate each other and conquer the Fall Wall with kindness. Use this link to send an uplifting message to someone in our Klein ISD Family!" - Jenny McGown

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Give me a break!! Challenges to take on over the break!


It’s a fun game (think quizlet meets kahoot) that teachers can use as reviews, pre assessments, homework, etc. In the game players earn money by answering questions correctly, and then can spend their money on “power ups” like choice elimination or even throwing virtual pies at other players/teams to slow them down. BONUS, you can pull already created quizlet sets right in and start playing! Let me know if you use this in your room so I can come check it out!

FYI: This game was created by a high school student!


Google and Schoology Online classes will begin on Nov. 26th!

I highly suggest the Online Schoology courses, especially if you are not a confident Schoology user. You can register for these courses in Eduphoria.

**TIP: Sign up as a PLC and complete with your PLC or invite me to your PLC and I would LOVE to help you through the course. It helps to do the course with someone!

Schoology Courses:

  • Part 1: Introduction to Schoology → navigating, notifications, course materials, designing your course

  • Part 2: Introduction to Schoology → discussions, assignments, and grading

  • Part 3: Introduction to Schoology → Groups and Resources

Schoology Mastery

Are you struggling to use the Mastery feature in Schoology?

Try this:

  • Give a 3 question warm-up at the beginning of the period
  • Give a 2 question exit ticket at the end of every period.

Make sure you have added the Learning Standards to both the warm-up and the exit ticket. Do this for ONE week. At the end of the week, you have valuable data for RTI and you will know who has mastered the TEKS and who has not. Please come and see me if you need help with trying this out in your classroom!

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Class Kick

Class Kick is another great tool to use for personalized learning! It’s a lot like EdPuzzle, but teachers can give personalized feedback and students can give each other feedback.

Quizalize Test Banks

Are you using Quizalize Test Banks? Quizalize has banks for STAAR -like questions by TEKS. Check out the banks here. Doerre has been using Quizalize for RTI.

Schoology Badges

Have you thought about creating a badge for each TEKS? Once students master the TEKS they get a badge in Schoology. Make an appointment with me and I will help you get started!

Make an appointment here!!

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Peer Grade

Check out Peer Grade! I think it could be extremely useful for you. It is a way for students to get anonymous feedback from each other. Here is a video about what Peer Grade does. Check out the features here.
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Schoology Roadmap

Schoology has many features they would like to push out. You can check the Schoology Roadmap to see if something you wanted them to work is in the process of getting pushed out to end users. Remember, that building platforms like this takes time and they are always working to improve their product.

**Important Schoology Info**

Grades calculated in Schoology my vary from the grades you have in Skyward. This is because they both calculate grades in a different way. You can use this document to fix the way Schoology calculates grades. This especially becomes an issue when you have the exact same grades in both gradebooks.

Mastery in Schoology - Since parents can see their child’s Mastery of TEKS in Schoology. Please make sure you are assigning TEKS to assignments, discussion, tests, quizzes, assessments...pretty much anything you do in Schoology. Here is some information about using Mastery in Schoology. The Mastery piece will help you when the district moves to Standard-Based Grading.

Due Dates in Schoology - when parents logged in to Schoology during our training sessions, many were concerned at the list of overdue assignments. Please make sure that if you are not worried about students turning the assignment in that you do not have a due date. If you change the due date to a later date, please make sure that you make the change in Schoology as well.

Absent Students - while everything for your class may be in Schoology, please make sure that if you have a student absent, they know where to go to find material that he/ she missed on the day he/she was absent.

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