Food of India!

Come and learn about about India's delicious food!

Welcome to India!

Namaste, that means hello! Today, we will learn about the food of India! As you might know (or not), they're are different regions of India, and each one has a different style of food. Let's take a look at some of the different foods.

What types of food are in India?

They're are all types of food in India, most of the food has at least some type of grain, meat, vegetable or spice cooked in it. A popular dish you must of dish you might of heard of is curry, curry has at least some veggie or spice in it. Another dish is punjabi, it is a dish in the region of Punjab, and the food is cooked in large ovens and are heated using coals, punjabi has at least bread, meat, or vegetable cooked inside.

Some of the food in India

Here's a recipe for the dish, ladoo

Other facts about food in India

After dinner, Hindus will eat betel leaves to help aid in digestion after meals. Vegetarianism is practiced by many people, and in the Hindu religion, cows are very sacred to Hindus, so they will not eat any beef, and Muslims in India do not eat pork and drink any type of alcohol.

You can make these recipes at home too! You don't have to go to India to have a little taste of it!

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