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Be In the Know! -- June 2014

School's Out - Let's Celebrate

Bump this Dewey Decimal Rap and bust out your best moves. No contest this month but, if you need something to do, organize a group choreography to this rap. If you should take on this challenge - we promise your group a spotlight performance at a grade-level meeting next year.
The Dewey Decimal Rap

Augusta Chapman won the last contest of the year.

Name the android app that solves this problem: you're thinking of a word but can't quite remember it. Most likely you can describe what the word means, but the actual word is escaping you.

Augusta asked an expert, who of course knew the answer right off the bat. Asking an expert is always an efficient information strategy. Her prize was a Kikkerman Magnetic Decision Maker. The answer to the contest question: Reverse Dictionary.

Have a great summer !