Year 10 Maths Exam - REMINDER

Remember, If you are taking the Maths exam on the 11th June your morning will be different:

08:45-09:40 Lesson 1 as usual

09:40-10:00 Break in Venue

10:00-11:30 Maths lesson – You MUST go at 10am or you may not be allowed to sit the exam.

11:30-13:15 Maths exam

On Friday 14th June the school is closed for a training day except for students taking the exam. You must come in full school uniform. The exam starts at 08:45.

Year 10Students taking Maths Exam

Abdi, Abdillahi

Abditoon, Batuula

Absie, Hana

Abukar, Hafsa

Ahmed, Ayan

Ahmed, Hamza

Ahmed, Nabeel

Ahmed, Sumaya

Ali, Muna

Ali, Rawda

Ali, Zulaikha

Alvaranga, Nile

Angerman, Peter

Ashley, Niall

Asif Ilyas, Mohammed Harun

Barker, Shaney

Bayona, Taimar

Bermudez, Neithan

Bibi, Henna

Bolt Morgan, Kiyah

Bradley Middle, Elsie

Brown, Emily

Buckley, Callum

Burns, Taylor

Byrne, Ewan

Campbell, Shontay

Caplin, Benjamin

Choudhury, Rahim

Clarke, Letiah

Delatorre, Jay

Dora, Nuala

Dualeh, Faduma

Evans, Lorena

Filer, Elliot

Forrest, Alexander

Gaheir, Hamda

Hamid, Yasmin

Hamze, Hodan

Haque, Saiyeedul

Haslam, Shalanda

Hatton, Rosie

Henderson, Tielle

Henry, Richard

Hussain, Asad

Hussain, Haroon

Hussain, Jamel

Hussien, Yusuf

Hylton, Amari

Ibrahim, Fadumo

Ismail, Ismail

Ismail, Samyan

Issa, Yusef

Jaquinet Goodman, Tomas

Jewell, Jordan

Johnson, Delano

Jones Westcott, Cherice

Jones, Cameron

Jones, Connor

Jones, Laurence

Kaur, Gurvinder

Kaur, Kulvinder

King, Sajae

Klair, Harpreet

Laaroussi, Fatima-Zohra

Lane, Alexander

Legrand, Mattias

Lenton, Melisa

Longden, Blake

Mahamed, Samira

Mahdi, Abdimaalik

Mahmood, Adriece

Mahmood, Shabeena

Mahmood, Usman

Marques, Gabriel

Mavin, William

Mazur, Kiya

Miah, Rehab

Miles, Shaquille

Mohamed, Haboon

Mohamed, Hamda

Mohamed, Haruun

Mohammed, Naima

Mohamoud, Asha

Mohamoud, Umulkair

Molnar, Mercedes

Oberhansli, Luke

Okros, Eva

O'Neill, Frankie

Osman, Amal

Osman, Sagal

Pearce, Jade

Raja, Bilal

Reeves, Andrew

Richardson-Wilson, Maisie

Sabriye, Zahro

Saleem, Ansa

Saleem, Hasnain

Sharifhashi, Zaynab

Sheargold, Bradley

Sheikh, Moeen-Ud-Din

Shonhe, Monalisa

Singh, Amer

Singh, Raja

Smart, Asha

Snailham, Paige

Sokoni, Damani

Steadman, Aliyah

Stevens Thompson, Dominick

Thompson, Errol

Vijaykumar, Mines

Villious, Maurice

Wallace Hall, Tashon

Williams, Matthew

Williams, Shanequa

Xu, Zhen Guo

Young, Rashaun



Year9/10 Careers conference letter will be distributed in lf early next week.

Students will need to complete two actions;

1. in lf complete thier choice of business area to visit and return to thier lf and then to reception. this should be completed on the day that the letters are distributed.

2. there is a parental reply/permission slip that must be returned to reception by thursday next week, completed with an emergency contact number.

These two replies are required in order to make the day as meaningful and enjoyable as possible and without them students will not be able to take part.

Andy Beaumont


The Conversation Cafe for parents and carers has started! Students' relatives are very welcome to join us. They will be able to practise their spoken English in a relaxed atmosphere, meet new people and find out more about local organisations, including the City Academy, and events. Time: Wednesdays at 11am till 12pm at the Beacon Centre, term time only.

We have two authors' visits next week:

SF Said is coming on Tuesday, 11 June - part of Shine Reading Project

Sam Hepburn is coming on Wednesday, 12 June, at 9am - everyone is welcome with a teacher's approval!

We are preparing to launch a new Film Club this month. Please speak to us if you have any suggestions of films we could watch!

Chess Club is running on Tuesdays, lunch time at the moment. We have been in contact with Bristol and District Chess League representative Peter Saunders who kindly offered his help in developing the club. Watch this space! All welcome!

Meet Master of Horror Darren Shan on Friday 21 June 2013 at 7.30pm at Bristol Central Library. Tickets are only £1 and available in all Bristol Libraries.

We are planning a Cool Words Quiz on Monday, 10 June, lunch time - students and teachers most welcome! Sweets for prizes! :)

Words of this week are:

1. vertigo

If you're standing still but the room is inexplicably spinning, you might be suffering from vertigo —

the sensation of dizziness or whirling.



James thought it was a weird message and replied with NO Y?’’ (..) DO U WNT 2 PLAY A GAME?’’ James was intrigued: YES. “

The Killing by Robert Muchamore

2. Comprehensive - It’s something that includes all or most details

From Latin comprehensivus.


3. Potable

Safe to drink.

Any drinkable liquid.

Tap water is usually potable.

Puddle water is NOT.

Comes from the Latin potare, meaning

"to drink."





Author Visit for Shine Reading Project

Award winning author SF Said, writer of Varjax Paw and The Outlaw Varjax Paw, will be visiting the year 7 & 8 Shine students and signing copies of his book on Tuesday 11th June at 1.45 in the Discovery Centre. Please allow Shine students to attend (list of students will be emailed shortly) and sorry for any disruption caused.

Marie Samuels

WIN £50.00!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think you know everything??



Chance to win


or a £10 Gift Voucher

Click the GLOBEMASTER icon on your computer screento access the game



· Mango or Strawberry Fruit Slush back 60p each

· Beat the queues and pre order their salad




'The Talent' - Vocal support and training 3-4pm in E117 please come along and sign up - don't be shy!

'The Skill' - Staff vocal group 8am Friday morning in the Music area.

See Miss Hughes for further details.

Bristol Docks WoW day:

  • Wow day, yr9&10 Art Docks Visit - Please bring a camera and wear comfortable shoes!

Easton Arts Trail Sat & Sun 15th & 16th June 12-5pm at Bannerman rd School, CAB students and staff, and Bannerman rd students are exhibiting (and selling) art work, there will be cakes and a stencilling activity giving you the opportunity to make your own Banksy-esque canvas!

Hope that's OK


Jenny Betts

Curriculum Leader for Art & Technology

Jenny Betts

Curriculum Leader for Art & Technology