The Story Of Oxygen Women

Oxygen women on one Christmas Eve got into an awful car accident an flew through the windshield. God visited her that night a gave her breath. She woke up from a miracle and a touch by an angel. From that day on she got her nickname Oxygen Women because from there on she always was breathing. No matter how hurt she got she kept breathing an stayed alive.


  1. Used to breath
  2. Put in tanks to help people breath (Oxygen Tank)
  3. The oxyacetylene torch is another important industrial application

Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. Oxygen helps the carbon nitrogen cycle (Strength)
  2. Pollution (Weakness)
  3. Oxygen is the reason for the bright Red, Yellow and Green colors of the Aurora


  • Oxygen is odorless, colorless, and a tasteless gas
  • It is considered the most imortant of all elements to live because without oxygen no one would be able to breath
  • It forms about 21% of the atmosphere by volume and 23% by weight

Periodic Table Information


Atomic Number~ 8

Average Mass~ 15.999

Protons~ 8

Neutrons~ 8

Electrons~ 8