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Issue 3 Volume 12

New ND for Lesotho hits the ground running!

I hope you enjoyed Christmas for it is a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and the reason He came so long ago. As God's living sacrifice —With no other purpose but to reconcile your life to God above.

Christ's life is truly a gift He willingly gave in love. I just wanted to say thank you and that it’s been a pleasure working with you this past 2 months. I Hope you and your families have a wonderful New Year, and am looking forward to us being DOERS of the word of God and not just listeners (James 1:22)

Be blessed.

ND's Interview with Comms Regional Director, Saeanna Chingamuka

Southern Africa: New ND for Lesotho hits the ground running!

Maseru, 19 December 2014: Two months ago, the Regional Leader for World Vision International (WVI) Southern Africa Region (SAR), Rudo Kwaramba introduced Pauline Okumu (PO) as the new National Director for Lesotho.

Pauline assumed her position on the 1st of October 2014. Saeanna Chingamuka (SC), the Regional Communications Director caught up with Pauline and had the following more

World Vision Lesotho FY15 Commitment


  1. D- Desire: Desired budget utilization and implementation
  2. O- Obtained: Obtained cost saving culture
  3. E- Engaged: Engaged & motivated staff for continuous performance improvement
  1. R-Revenue up: Revenue up for the well being of the children
  2. S- Sustained: Sustained evidence based quality programming

Mokanametsong ADP Farewell Video

Mokanametsong ADP Farewell Video

‘Maketlele will now do better at school

‘Maketlele, aged 12, is in class 6. She is a representative of many pupils in Lesotho’s hard to reach places who are forced to survive a school term with less than enough stationary.

The Ministry of Education’s Education Facility Unit (EFU) allocates 1 exercise book of 48 pages and 1 pencil, half the size of an ordinary pencil to last each pupil three months.

This is a challenge facing children attending Lejoe Letseka and Khaketla Primary Schools in Makunoane ADP Butha Buthe.

“Pupils’ stationary from EFU is usually late and children are forced to go to classess without the necessary stationary until EFU delivered late,” said ‘Malipallo ‘Mei, Principal of Lejoe Letseka Primary School.

EFU delivers stationary according to the schools’ previous pupils roll. This presents a challenge in the event the roll increased.

“Shops in our communities do not sell stationary because they know that the Ministry of Educations supplies it. So, when a pencil is lost of book is finished, the child’s learning is often affected because they can’t write anything,” ‘Mei added.

Books, rulers, pens, pencil sharpners, teachers’ manuals, and pencil cases distributed to Lejoe Letseka and Khaketla Primary Schools as a Gift in Kind, was a help in time.

“Now I will be able to practice English, Mathematics and Sesotho because I have enough books,” rejoiced ‘Maketlele aged 12.

“This time when my books get finished I will have another one to use. I also like drawing. I will use my ruler, rubber and pencil,” she beamed.

Maketlele, a grade 6 pupil said the books would reduce a strain on her parents who are both not employed.

Lejoe Letseka Primary School is a hard to reach school which accomodates 125 children from Ha Nts’oebe, Pitseng and Boiketso Communities. 73 Boys and 52 girls from grade 1 to 7.

Attendance is very low during rainy days, as it becomes difficult to cross river streams surrounding the school for children.

Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child

UN CRC Celebration

Young Journalists' training on the use of Social Media

Young journalists from all ADPs went through training last week( 8-12) facilitated by SAR regional field content specialist Justin Douglass. Topics covered included how to stay safe online, child protection issues they need to take note even as they use social media, Communications for Development in which they learn how to amplify the voices of other children and those of community members to allow sponsors to experience what their communities look like, challenges they face as well as the positive change that has taken place because of the intervention of World vision.

World Vision Lesotho

World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and the oppressed to promote human transformation seek justice and bear witness to the Kingdom of God.