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Weekly Staff Bulletin

October 5-9, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe a month of school has already gone by? We have had some amazing things happen in this past month. The deep commitment to kids in our instruction in so evident. This past month, we saw a tremendous push of Cornell Notes, planners and strong language and learning targets in each classroom. The conversation with teachers in academic seminar at the end of the month looking a data from attendance, discipline and grades was deep, rich and outstanding and the engagement and questions in the classified academic seminar on autism was awesome. Keep up the great work.


Jon and Katie

Coaches Corner

As the Instructional Coach of Poynter Middle School, I am looking forward to working together with you to find fresh and engaging ways to continue to reach our students. I'm honored and excited to have this space to highlight and express all the wonderful things that you are doing in your classrooms everyday. Each week I will feature an instructional strategy I have witnessed or learned that would augment and enrich the excellent work you are already doing in the classroom.



This week, I saw a great example of students collaborating together in a structured jigsaw activity. Amy Sheldon split her kids into expert groups and then sent each kid to educate another group. What an efficient way to get a lot of information out to students in an interactive way, while also developing important metacognitive skills. 100% of students were engaged in either teaching or writing while I was in the classroom. Way to go Amy!

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General Information for all staff

*The state AVID Coordinator will be at Poynter on Monday meeting with Jon and Tyler as well do a walk through of the school and visit the 8th grade AVID class 6th period. If possible could you wear your AVID shirt and/or college shirt that day? Thanks.

*8th grade homeroom teachers please remember to do your ASPIRE training.

*Great job on the Lock-In drill. It was so quiet it was almost weird. In light of the events in Roseburg this week, these drills take on even greater importance. Thank you all for taking it so seriously.

*There will be a Latino Parent Night on Wednesday, April 7th hosted by Roberto and Jon. Our goal is to encourage as many of our Latino parents to attend. We will be focusing on the ELPA, Parent Vue, and College pathways.

*There is no school on Friday, October 9th. Enjoy your day!

October At A Glance

Monday-October 5

Team Leader Meeting--7:45 Jon's Office

Poynter Cup applications due

Tuesday-October 6

Wildcats/Pilots mtg.

Attendance Team Mtg. 11:00

Wednesday-October 7

Teacher Academic Seminar---Department Mtg.

Latino Parent Night

Thursday-October 8

Boxers/Vikings Mtg.

Upcoming Events:

10/12-10/16 ASPIRE testing

10/9 7th Grade Self Managers Accepted

10/19 PBIS Committee Mtg.

10/19 AVID Committee Mtg.

10/19 Mix it Up

10/20 G3 Cup

10/22 Chemo Bag Kick Off

10/23 Pink Out. Spirit Assembly

10/26-10/30 Spirit Assembly

Thought of the Week

"If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

-Chinese Proverb