End of year Library Information

What to do with your materials!

Textbook Turn in Time

If students ask, YES they have to return textbooks by May 31st @1:00.

But what about YOU?

What to do next....

Do you have a class set in your room?

Are you returning next year? If your answer is "Yes," keep the books in your classroom!

Teacher Textbook Materials?

Keep them if you think you're teaching the same subject. You are welcome to return them for the summer. Schedule a time with Lee Schollnick, Textbook Tech. (email is fine)

Any Library materials?

If you checked out any videos or general library books, return those before summer.

What do I do when I get the "check-out" sheet from the library?

This (attached) is the list of ALL the materials you checked out from the library.

  • If you're keeping a class set, have a student service check the barcode. Make a little check mark to notate the book(s) are actually in your room.
  • If you're keeping Teacher materials, check that they are on the list. Make a little check mark to notate you actually have it.
  • Highlight anything that is missing.
  • Return anything to the library.
  • Sign your name at the top! When you bring this in, you'll get the final end-of-year library staff signature on the sheet.


Email, call, or stop by if you need a) help, b) advice, c) a cart, d) a shoulder to cry on, or e) chocolate.