Save The Rainforest Now!

Want to save the rainforest?

Why is medicine important to the rainforest?

More than 25% of our medicine is from the tropical plants in the rainforest. We only know how to use 1% of the medicine plants. We need to keep the rainforest, so we can experiment with the other 99%. Who knows, maybe one day we will find a cure for cancer!

About 7,000 medicine compounds are from plants in the rainforest. 70% of 3000 plants have been identified by the United States National Cancer Institute as having potential anti-cancer properties are in the rainforest. Madagascar's rosy periwinkle provides two important anti-tumor agents. One provides a 99% chance of remission in cases of leukemia. The second anti-tumor agent provides a 58% of remission to the Hodgkin's Disease sufferers. In 1960, 19% had a chance to survive.

What can you do to help save the rainforest in Michigan?

Use less paper. Try to recycle or reuse paper as much as possible. The more paper you use the more trees will have to be cut down. The less trees we have, the less oxygen we will have and the ground will be less strong. Less oxygen will lead to less fresh air for us to breathe. That's how we can help in Michigan.