Slaves and Indentured Servants

Emma Kulisek


AUG! That's the sound of slaves working and missing their familys. First slavery started in the Northern states. Second their live in the plantation was ruthless. One important thing to know is slaves and indentured servants are not the same. Clearly slaves were hard working people that had mean owners.

How Was Slavey Established

Slaves came to America. Between 1619 and 1776 350,000 black Africans were brought to Britain North America. In 1619 when the southeastern colonies were struggling at servival. The first ship load of African slaves were brought to Virginia. In 1750 more than one-fifth of all the inhabitants were slaves. Slaves worked for a cheap amount of money so the farmers wanted to keep them. Slaves planted tobacco, cotton and other crops that ideally suited in humid climates.

How and Where Slaves Live

Creak! That's the sound of the drift wood floors in slaves houses. Slaves stander food was corn meal,fat-back,molasses. Slaves last bed in little houses called slaves quarters and that is were they slept. Most slaves lived in wooden shaks with drift floors. Their beds were made out of corn chunks some even slept on the floor. In the south,Northern slaves didn't live in slave quarters. In stead they lived in attics or back alleys of their owerns homes. The slaves in the north were able to develop a certain celebration of their own. One was called

"Lection Day".

Slavey and Indentured Servants

Slaves and indentured servants have many difference and similarities. Slaves were taken away from their families. Slaves were branded like cattle. Slaves got traded to the west for sugar. Most slaves were black people from Africa however some indentured servants were criminals from England. indentured servants dreamed of having land of their own but they did get a small piece of land after finishing there years of being an indentured servant wail on the other hand in Georgia they banned slavery because of their own humanitarianism. indentured servants shared the same culture as freed settlers. There were more white indentured servants than black slaves. Half of all the Europeans who came to America were indentured servants. Indentured servants and slavery were the sane on the other hand were different.


Slaves work for their whole life but they still miss their families. Slavery went to the Northern states. In the southern plantation life was ruthless. A important thing to know is indentured servants and slavery are not the same. lastly slaves had mean owners but they worked so hard.


Fat-back-A piece a meat from a domestic pig
Humanitarianism- To be kind to other people
Humid- A high amount of water vapor


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