The battle of brandywine

By: Matthew Belden

When the battle starts

The battle of Brandywine started on September 11,1777 the battle only lasted for one day.The British won the battle of brandywine.The two head generals were general Washington and he served for the American side of the battle and the other general was general Howe and he served for the Americans.

some of the pictures

Some of the generals

Some of the generals were general Howe,Washington,Cornwallis and many more there were around 14,600 British and around 15,500 Americans.General Howe went for attacks on the British side. General Washingtion served for the American side and went for attacks there.

Results and the causes of the battle at Brandywine

Some of the results and causes for the battle of Brandywine are one, the British won the war and two, it began on September 11, 1777 three, there were around 14,600 British and, around 15,500 Americans.

The closing of the battle/extra information

The battle of Brandywine only lasted one day on September 11,1777 and the British won (obviously cause they have better and a well trained army.)


attacks:to kill or fire at something

Brandywine: a state in the united states