The Chinese Mitten Crab

The Criminal

Eriocheir Sinensis

The Chinese Mitten Crab

"The Burrowing Bandit"

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Identifying Characteristics

-Mitten-like covering on the claws

-square shaped, uneven, convex shell

-"hairy" claws due to the dense covering of brown setae

Last Seen

The Chinese Mitten Crab was last seen on the coastlines of East Asia
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Suspected Hideouts

The Chinese Mitten Crab has been seen burrowing on the coasts of the San Fransisco bay and the Chesapeake Bay. The Mitten Crab prefers to hideout in brackish and freshwater rivers and estuaries, but they migrate into saltwater environments to reproduce.
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Crimes Commited

The Chinese Mitten Crab has interfered with operations at water facilities and pumping stations. They have also caused damage to coastal protection systems, harbor institutions, and soft sediment banks because of their burrowing activities. They have also caused damage to the fishing industry by depleting the harvest by feeding on fish in nets and by stealing bait from fishermen.


By eliminating this species, there will be an economical and ecological reward. When they are eliminated, we will no longer have to keep repairing our water treatment facilities and we will have a more profitable fishing industry. We will also not suffer from erosion or risk of flooding because coastal protection systems will no longer be destroyed. Many animals and plants will begin to thrive again because the Chine Mitten Crab will no longer be a predator.