Bermuda Triangle

Flight 19

Do you know about Flight 19? Flight 19 was when one of the most famous aircraft disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle.It happened in 1945. Lieutenant Charles Taylor was training five advanced pilots for the U.S. Navy. The name Flight 19 comes from the name of the training exercise Charles and the five pilots were doing. What happened was that Charles was getting confused he might have taken the wrong turn because he didn't know where he was. He thought he was in the Gulf of Mexico. He turned east to get back to base but than some time later there wasn't much sight of land just a small little island.

USS Cyclops

Another unsolved disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was the USS Cyclops. This was the largest Navy Ship to disappear without leaving clues behind for people to figure out. The ship was 542 feet long and the ship carried more than 300 people. It was travailing to the island of to Barbados South America to Baltimore Maryland. Some people think that a weapon from a German submarine hit USS Cyclops. At the time U.S and Germany were fighting in world war 1. Other people think that the ships captain (who was a german) sailed to Germany and gave up the grew to Germany

Bermuda vs. Tornados

The Bermuda Triangle and tornadoes are both natural phenomenons. They are lots of similarities and lots of differences between the Bermuda Triangle and Tornadoes . They are also some of the hardest things to survive from. The Triangle given nickname is Devils Triangle because of all the disappearances and the nickname for tornadoes is Dust Devils because they twirl everything up.

One of the most completely opposite things about them are that there is no place to hide when your in a ship or plane going through the Triangle. But when a tornadoes coming its a good idea to hide or go in the basement. Another difference between them is that the Triangle doesn't destroy anything but a Tornado demolishes everything in its site. The only chances of taking cover from the Triangle is getting lucky or jumping over board at the right time which are still really unlikely to survive unforchanetly. To go along with all the disaster a tornado brings is that thousands of ships were lost and so were thousands of lives which is terrible because some of those disappearances were very important ships and aircraft. Also an important fact about the triangle and tornado is its size. The triangle is twice the size of Texas and tornadoes can be 2.5 miles and an interesting fact about a tornado is that a tornado called the Tri-State tornado spun through Missouri, Illionies and Indiana. Imagine how many houses, building etc where destroyed.

Flight 19 The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

Disappearing aircraft and ships

There is only a few solutions to the disappearances. One of the solutions to finding what causes the disappearances in the triangle is to study and watch the whole flight or voyage on a camera or by person and possibly by satellite to see what happens. Some people just think they just run out of fuel, their plane was poorly made or there was bad weather.