Harriet Tubman

By: Armenda

Head Damage

Harriet Tubman had head damage because as a slave she got whipped. When she was baby sitting when the baby started to cry she would get whipped. This caused her to have a broken skull and this caused seizures.

Child hood

At the age 6 years old Harriet was baby sitting,farming,cooking and if she didn't do all of those things wright she would get whipped as 6 you don't no how to take care of a bay you don't no how to farm and you definitely don't no how to cook. But the expected that she did no how to do all of those stuff.

The Freedom Feast

Sunday, June 1st, 3:30pm

Liberty Bell

Philadelphia, PA

Its opened to all former slaves make sure bring a dish!

Star Spangle Banner

This is important to my project because the Star Spangle Banner is about freedom and freedom is basically slavery escaping.

September 14 1814 was the year the Star Spangle Banner was made.