The Bubonic Plague

All you need to know about the Bubonic Plague

What causes the Bubonic plague?

A bacteria called Yersinia Pestis causes the Bubonic plague. Bacteria has a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms. Bacteria comes in many different sizes and shapes. Bacteria grows rapidly at room temperature.

What are the symtoms of the Bubonic plague?

The symptoms are....

-Rapid fevers

-Painful, swollen and tender lymph nodes

How can theBubonic plague spread?

-A rodent that is infected bites you.

-Cats or dogs that are infected bite you.

How is the bubonic plague treated?

The following are antibiotics made to treat the Bubonic plague




-Fluorquin ciprofloxacin

Ways to prevent getting the Bubonic plague

Don't make contact with rodents and fleas.

Intresting facts abot the Bubonic plaqgue

-In the 1300s there was a massive outbreak

- 25 million died in 5 years

- the Bubonic plague is still killing people

-The plague attacked every spring

How to Survive the Bubonic Plague