2nd to None

Miss Freije's Second Grade News

Getting to Know You...

In room 29 we have been busy getting to know eachother. So far we have had lots of opportunities to practice teamwork and launch some of our school subjects. Here are some pictures of students collaborating to create posters about our classroom rules. We look forward to sharing some of our learning as well as our vision for the rest of the year with our families during the Meet the Teacher Night next Tuesday (August 27th) from 6-7 p.m. Please join us there!

Calling All Newspapers!

Tomorrow we will be participating in a team building challenge requiring lots of newspaper. If you have old newspapers lying around your house, please send them with your student to school tomorrow, August 22nd (Thursday). Thanks!

Culture Project

What is your cultural background? This week we have been exploring some of the special characteristics we bring to the classroom. As a part of our learning we are going to host a culture gallery walk in our classroom this Friday from 12:45-1:30 p.m. If you are able, please feel free to join us for this special time.                                                                                           Here are the project details...       Each student will need to bring in 5 items that represent something important to him/her. These could be items representing family traditions, religious convictions, country of origin, or even hobbies. Each student will display their items at their desk and will get a chance to explain each object's significance to his/her peers. In view of practicality these items should not be fragile or an irreplaceable family heirloom.

Brooks School Elementary

Elizabeth Freije - Second Grade