Dreams By:Langston Hughes

By: Faith Patterson

T~ Title

Dreams of what you want for your life or when you sleep.

P~ Paraphrase

Your dreams don't last forever so as long as you have them use them to the limit. When they do leave you will be broken and weak, you always need dreams.

C~ Connotation

Hold fast to dreams~ Hold on to what you want to wish for.

dreams die~ What you wish for leaves you and just goes away.

broken~ Something happened to you and it sticks to you and never leaves making you feel empty.

Life is a barrier field~ You have your limits and you push them and you see life has limits.


Life is a barrier field~ He is serious but then again sad and almost depressing.

S~ Shift

They're are no shifts.

T~ Title

Just Wait


Your dreams don't always come true and you have to wait. Your dreams will go and you might be broken and sad but you always dream. Dream till you hit life's barrier field.
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