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Plano RDSPD Staff News - June 3, 2016

Where has the year gone?

Wow!!! It is the last day of school. The students are gone and it is time to start a well deserved summer vacation. Thanks to the entire staff for all of your hard work and dedication to the students, their families, and our program. You make a difference in the lives of our students and our Team. We could not provide the quality program that we do without each and everyone of you. Thanks for all your help this year in the preparation for Peer Review. You were all Shining Stars and showed the Peer Review Team what an amazing program we have. Relax and enjoy your time.

Watch for...

New things to come:

  • New Handbook and Procedures
  • Refined ARC
  • Training for Helping Students Develop Social Skills
  • Training on Executive Functioning
  • Training for Writing Better Part Cs
  • Reading Training for Guided Reading Instruction
  • Improved Staff Google Site
  • Improved Parent Google Site

You spoke up and we listened. If you have other suggestions for next year, feel free to email them to me at

Plano RDSPD Team Leaders Are the Best

We have the best team leaders around. They have been working many long hours to help support you in your jobs. Don't forget to thank them for all that they do to make your job easier and to help your students. They are working behind the scenes doing many jobs that you are not aware of or that you never see. Our program could not run without them.

We have to say goodbye to Marcia as she goes back into retirement. She was a tremendous help for us this year.

Please welcome Smita Pais as she takes on the task of Team Leader at Pearson next year. She will do an awesome job.

We must say good-bye

It is always a sad when team members leave us. The following people will be gone next year:

  • Pam Clabaugh
  • Tina Waithaka
  • Gaye Wilkes
  • Marcia Crouch

We will miss each of you. Good luck to you in your future.

Optimist Club Speech Contest

On May 18, eighteen students participated in the Optimist Club's Communication Contest for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired. Our students, presented their speeches to a packed house. The winners are...

Elementary & Middle School Girls

  • 1st - Meghana Vedala
  • 2nd - Bree Law
  • 3rd - Tess Hovivian
  • 4th - Mary Bates

Elementary & Middle School Boys

  • 1st - Jacob Brown
  • 2nd - Peyton Lange
  • 3rd - Pedro Mendez

10th Grade Girls

1st - Corin Harrison
  • 2nd - Sarah Bates
  • 3rd - Preeti Nayak
  • 4th - Maya Arellano

10th Grade Boys

  • 1st - Yousuf Ahmed

11th & 12th Grade Girls

  • 1st - Caroline Metersky
  • 3rd - Kenzi Suey
  • 4th - Ana Karen Arriaga

11th & 12th Grade Boys

  • 1st - Garrett Whitaker
  • 2nd - Ricardo Medina

Zone Winners

  • 1st - Meghana Vedalla
  • 2nd - Bree Law
  • 3rd - Jacob Brown

District Winners

  • 1st - Corin Harrison
  • 3rd - Sarah Bates

Senior High

  • 1st - Garrett Whitaker
  • 2nd - Caroline Metersky

North Texas Scholarship Winner - Corin Harrison

Optimist International Scholarship Winner- Garrett Whitaker

Our students did great. Thanks to the Optimist Club for providing this opportunity, the prize money, and scholarships. It is a fantastic way for our students to work on many of their goals.

Your Donations Are Needed For the Plano RDSPD Basket for Statewide Conference

Each conference, programs are asked to donate a basket to the TAPED Silent Auction. The proceeds of the auction go to fund scholarships for students. Many years only a few people donate to the Plano basket. We will send out an email asking for your donations. Tina is putting together the basket. Watch for an email from her.

Dates to Know:

June 3 - last day for students in PISD

July 5-8 - SEE

July 17 - 20 - Statewide Conference

August - 1st day back

August 22 - First day of school

November 2-4 - Fall Discovery Retreat: Maker Faire

Open to all 11th/12th grade deaf and hard of hearing students

Peaceable Kingdom Retreat - Killeen, TX

Staff Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Cindy for all her hard work with the Communication speech contest! It is a lot of "behind the scene" organization & the contest truly would NOT be a success without Cindy!!! -Sarah Q

  • Shout out to the 1st year itinerant, Rachel Messick! You are a great teacher! Thank you for all you have done for your students this year! There is a light at the end of the tunnel & you are almost there!!! Sarah Q

  • Pauline Decker- Thank you for organizing Imagination Texas for our students. It was a lot of kids and everyone had a great time!- Tammy

  • Cindy Williams- Great Job on the Optimist Speech Contest! Our students did great and it could not have happened without all of the behind the scenes work that you do each year!- Tammy

  • Adriane, Karla and Brook- Thank you all for helping out at the secondary campuses when they needed help! Everyone pulled together to make sure that students were served!- Tammy

  • Takiyah, Brook, Lindsey, Adriane, Karla and Kristen- Thank you for helping with STAAR testing!!! We know it is not the most fun and takes time away from your students. We appreciate you offering to help!- Tammy

  • Sarah- You did an amazing job, as usual, on the Collin County Courier! The students love it and we appreciate all the extra work you do on it!- Tammy

  • Itinerant team rocks!! We work as a great team!!!

  • Interpreters and CART: Y'all have definitely earned your summer!! Thank you for working so hard all year long. Our students are so lucky to have such great people in their lives!!

  • Pease: Thanks for letting me disrupt your room today!

  • Fannie: Thanks for caring and being so involved with our little one.

  • Cindy: You rock that Medicaid!! Thanks for volunteering to help out with that.

  • Cindy: Another great Speech competition. Thanks for helping coordinate it!

  • You are all the best team! You deserve a great summer break. Enjoy!

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