Garstang Patchwork Quilters

January Meeting

Sewing Night

Do you have a project that ‘you are currently working on’ - but if truth were told it’s been in that bottom drawer for the last two years! Why not dig it out and bring it along this evening. Consult your fellow experts to resolve the problem that’s holding you back, you may be surprised to find you’re on the way to getting it finished. You could of course leave it in the drawer and just come for a gossip; you never know what you might hear!

For this meeting the Hall will be open from 6.45pm.

See you there!

Photo credit: Cláudia*~Assad / / CC BY

Sewing Night

Wednesday, Jan. 15th 2014 at 6:45pm

St Michael's Village Hall, PR3 0UA

St Michael's Village Hall
Blackpool Road (A586)
St Michael's-on-Wyre