DBQ Chamber Dancing with the Stars

Please Help Me SHINE with a Donation to HAVlife Foundation

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On April 30, 2015 at the Dubuque Five Flags, I will be dusting off my dancing shoes to support the HAVlife Foundation who helps kids unleash their potential by providing grants for music, arts and athletics. This is a dance competition where the judges' scores will be combined with the dollars raised for a local charity and I need your help.

As a former school counselor, I saw many kids who's parents where just making ends meet. Their monthly budgets did not allow for music lessons, sports camps, or dance events. Often, I would try to find ways to help these kids fund these activities because their talent was just waiting to be unleashed. Then I learned about HAVlife.

HAVlife Foundation was established in memory of Hunter Aaron Vondran, a child who lived life to it's fullest. He loved football, soccer, and music. His time was cut short by a tragic accident. HAVlife honors Hunter's spirit and seeks to allow all youth to experience life in the fullest.

Why HAVlife Foundation?

1) All money raised stays local (Tri-State Area) and supports youth ages 10 to 15 and organizations through grants. Visit www.havlife.org for applications and previous recipients information.

2) In 2015, they hit a milestone granting of $625,000

Why this means so much to me?

As a child, budgets were tight, but my parents believed in the importance of dance, music, and athletics. It is my belief that I am successful today because of several things:

1) Katherine Ann School of Dance: where I took ballet, tap and jazz lesson after school. I danced with my classmate, Chrissy Robinson who was diagnosed with cancer. She taught me so many things including persistence, patience and believing in yourself even if life does not go the way you planned.

2) Jeff Shave, Platteville Band Director: who gave me a chance when I was 14 to learn how to play the tenor saxophone so that I could be a part of the marching band pom pon squad. He spent hours giving me lessons and taught me the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and gave me the courage to "do it afraid". I remember him saying "you don't have be great, just start somewhere and practice".

3) Dave Jones and Phil Karrmann: my little league baseball coaches. I was only 1 of 2 girls on my Dick's Supermarket team in the Platteville Summer Rec league, yet they always believed in helping me find my talent and strengthened my confidence.

These were all activities outside of school that helped me become the Speaker, Teacher, and Coach that I am today. My goal is to be able to provide similar experiences for children who can develop lifelong skills through dance, music and athletics.

DBQ Chamber Dancing with the Stars

Saturday, April 30th, 6pm

405 Main Street

Dubuque, IA

Purchase your ticket through me to help raise money for HAVlife Foundation

Reserve them by calling (608) 732-1041 or email me at shinewithschaefer@gmail.com

Tickets: $50 and includes drinks, heavy hors d'oeuvres and a special seat in the SHINE Cheering Section. Guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

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