Meadowview News and Notes

May 2014

Mark Your Calendar!

Wednesday, May 7th - 1st/2nd Grade Musical and 5th/6th Gr. Chorus Assembly 1:15pm - Meadowview

Wednesday, May 7th - 1st/2nd Grade Musical and 5th/6th Chorus Concert 6:30 PM - JJH

Thursday, May 8th - Sixth Grade Field Trip to Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Thursday, May 8th - Talent Show Tryouts 3:00pm

Thursday, May 8th - PTO Meeting 7:00pm - Meadowview LRC

Friday, May 9th - Pro Kids Assembly 1:00pm for Gr.4,5,6 and 2:00pm for Gr.K-3

Friday, May 9th - Family Night (Free Pro Kids Show) -7:00pm Jefferson Junior High

Tuesday, May 13th - Market Day Pick-Up 5:00pm

Tuesday, May 13th - Thursday, May 15th - Book Fair

Thursday, May 15th - Early Childhood Field Trip to Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Thursday, May 15th - Family Reading Night/Book Fair

Friday, May 16th - NO SCHOOL Teacher Inservice

Friday, May 16th - 6th Grade DARE Lock-in 7:00pm - Jefferson Junior High

Monday, May 19th - School Board Meeting 7:30pm - Jefferson Junior High

Thursday, May 22nd - Talent Show Practice 3:00pm

Friday, May 23rd - Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in the Evening

Monday, May 26th - NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 27th - Talent Show Dress Rehearsal 3:00pm

Wednesday, May 28th - Meadowview Talent Show 1:00pm

Wednesday, May 28th - Evening Talent Show 6:00pm

Thursday, May 29th - Last Day of After School Clubs

Friday, May 30th - Student Council/Patrol Field Trip

Please also make note of some important June dates...

Monday, June 2nd - Board of Education Meeting 7:00pm - JJH

Tuesday, June 3rd - Field Day for Grades 1st-5th

Friday, June 6th - 6th Grade Picnic

Thursday, June 12th - Last Day of School

Meadowview Battle of the Books

Congratulations to ALL Meadowview students that participated in Battle of the Books. The Meadowview district representatives include:

4th - 6th Grade Team
Reese Robinson

Nicholas Cozzie

Francesca Korbitz

Natalie Cupial

Valerie Siauw

Amanda Tatge

Emelia Swierzb

Anika Canamedi

3rd Grade Team

Elizabeth Eckstein

Stephanie Lopez

Ashija Flowers

Daniel Neau

Ann Vellapally

Katie Avile

Spring Testing

Our students are going to be taking their Spring Assessments May 12 - May 23. They will take STAR Early Literacy (K-1), STAR Reading (1 - 6), and STAR Math (1 - 6). In addition, they will take fluency assessments. Kindergarten will be assessed on the number of letters they can name and say the sounds of in one minute. 1st - 6th grade will be assessed on how many words they can read in one minute.

Some 3rd and 6th graders will take the end of year PARCC field test on May 13th and May 15th.

Registration for the 2014-2015 School Year

Returning student registration is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Complete the online registration forms in Skyward Family Access today. A few minutes now can save you from a long wait at walk-in registration in August.

2. Provide proof of residency (beginning July 1)

3. Pay registration fees (beginning July 1)

Note: All three steps must be finished to complete the registration process.

Fee waiver and free and reduced lunch applications can be completed beginning July 1 also.

More detailed registration information can be found in the Parent Resources section of the district website ( This information can also be accessed by clicking the News item on the district and school home pages.

If you are planning to move, please notify the office at 630-969-2390, and they will provide you with the appropriate form to complete. Thank you for letting us know as soon as possible.

Inscripciones abiertas para el próximo año escolar 2014-2015

¡Las Inscripciones para alumnos que continuarán en el distrito son tan fáciles como 1-2-3!

1. Complete los procedimientos para inscripción en línea por medio de Skyward Family Access. Tómese unos minutos y llene los formularios de inscripción ahora, esto le ahorrará una larga espera en agosto, cuando asista al día de inscripciones en persona.

2. Proporcione comprobante de domicilio(a partir del primero de julio).

3. Pague las cuotas de inscripción (a partir del primero de julio).

Dese cuenta que los procedimientos de inscripción no serán finalizados hasta que los tres pasos se hayan realizado.

Aplicaciones para exención de cuotas y alimentos gratis/precio reducido se podrán completar a partir del primero de julio.

Usted podrá encontrar más información en nuestra página principal de internet (, bajo el enlace recursos para padres (Parent Resources). Esta información también la podrá encontrar haciendo clic en el botón noticias (News) de nuestra página principal y en la página de internet de cada escuela de nuestro distrito.

Bilingual Parent Representation

We are looking for bilingual parent representation at our PTO meetings. Please join us on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Meadowview LRC.

Physical Education News from Mr. Khan

In Physical Education class, students recently completed a comprehensive volleyball unit where they learned in a fun and engaging fashion the skills of serving, bumping, and setting. Students spent a great deal of time working with partners to improve in skills and also give feedback to their partners in their attempts. Many benefited from the unit and can’t wait to do it again next year.

Now, students have begun their spring fitness testing which will consist of the same tests that they took earlier in the school year. These tests consist of: curl up test, push-up test, pacer test, one mile test, and sit & reach test. Students have already begun asking about their previous scores in order to try and beat it, so the excitement is at a high! Once fitness testing is completed, students will begin a football unit which is highly anticipated by many. Great weather approaching… great time for physical education here at Meadowview!

Mr. Khan

From the Art Studio

1st and 2nd graders have been using the Fiber Center with enthusiasm. 1st graders have been improving their sewing skills as they stitched pictures with yarn on burlap. 2nd graders have been using yarn to weave small rugs or some have chosen to use their sewing skills to create small pillows.

3rd graders finished making their clay animals and have continued in the various media centers while waiting for the clay to dry and be fired. We will begin painting the clay projects soon.

4th graders are busy creating sculptures, stuffed animals and pillows, paintings and drawings as they continue to express their creativity in the various media centers.

5th graders have finished creating their animal and human faces out of clay. We have started painting the ones that have been fired. Students who are still waiting for the firing are continuing their work in the various media centers.

6th graders are continuing to create optical illusions with our Drawing Center. Using only repeated lines, they are creating the illusion of organic forms (hands) popping up from the paper.

Ms. Johnson

Music Notes from Ms. Roth

Please join us for the 1st and 2nd grade musical, along with the 5th and 6th grade chorus, this Wednesday evening, May 7th, at 6:30pm at Jefferson Junior High!

Band Beats from Mr. Payne

SYB Tours

The Second Year Band toured five elementary schools in District 68 on two separate days recently. The performances were held during the school day and every student and staff member was invited to attend. Performing for 45 minutes on each occasion, the band played a variety of music including patriotic pieces, movie music, folk songs, and features for each instrument in the band. One of the performances was postponed, in response to a security concern that impacted the entire community. At the time that Band Beats went to press, efforts were being made to reschedule that performance, but no firm date had been set. The SYB would like to thank District 68 Director of Grounds, John Erickson, as well as all of the custodians, the PE teachers, and the staff and students in each school for their help in making the tours possible. Special thanks go out to Willow Creek Band Mom, Mrs. Moca, for being the sole parent chaperone for both tours.

Grand Finale

The final concert of the year will be held on May 20th at Jefferson JHS and will feature performances by the First Year Band, the Second Year Band, and our special guests for the evening, The New Horizons Band, under the expert guidance of Willow Creek Band Mom, Mrs. Flock. This event will conclude our evening concerts for the year and will begin at 5:30PM with a pasta dinner catered by Shanahan’s of Woodridge. All proceeds from the dinner will benefit the band kids across the district. (Music begins at 7:00PM.) Thanks go out to the staff and administration of District 68, the members of WOMP, and all of the elementary band families, for making the event possible. It’s been a good year in band and the public is invited to attend this concert in celebration of all the hard work and good times that led up to this event.

Music in the Parks Festival (Six Flags)

The SYB will compete at the annual Music in the Parks Festival, on Saturday, May 24th, at Grayslake Middle School in Gurnee. Bands, orchestras, choruses, and jazz ensembles from surrounding states compete for ratings and trophies in a broad range of categories including elementary, junior high and high school groups. Following their performance, the SYB students will continue to Six Flags Great America and a rousing awards ceremony held in the park that evening. Thanks go out to District 68, WOMP, and the band families and chaperones for making this event possible. Good luck, SYB!! J

What can WE do to help save our Earth? Just ask the Meadowview Second Graders and they can give you plenty of suggestions to care for our environment. In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), the students read, discussed and wrote about their responsibilities for the environment. Read below for ways to help “heal” Mother Earth!

Paws Winners

The Meadowview staff is firmly committed to educating students to become self-directed learners, complex thinkers, quality work producers, collaborative team members, and community contributors. As such, we expect our students to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects our three expectations of being respectful, responsible, and safe. Positive reinforcement comes in many ways, and one of those ways is through offering students a ‘paw’ when they demonstrate evidence of being respectful, responsible, and safe. Congratulations to this month’s paw winners for being great models by meeting our building-wide expectations!

Joseph S.-Drevalas

Stephanie L.-Soukup

Ryan G.-Duffy

Sophia M.-Nickels

Jalen H.-Valentour

Joyce P.-Townsley

Juan F.-Townsley

Sandra S.-Sanishvili

Emily P.-Valentour

Ricardo P.-Townsley

Tyler P.-Majerczyk

Stefanie P.-Buchholz

Dylan S.-Sanishvili

Fenix F.-Turley

Liveta E.-White

Reese W.-Majerczyk

Tommy B.-Dvorak

Trevor G.-Dvorak

Leslie M.-Turley

Kelsey C.-Duffy

Breakfast and Lunch Menus for the Month of March

May Breakfast Menu

Please note, if your child eats breakfast at school, please ensure that he/she arrives at 8:00am so that breakfast can be enjoyed before instruction begins at 8:20am.

May Lunch Menu