Cougar Call

Volume I, Issue XI

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Seniors Last Will and Testament

Gaven Edge

To Ben Davis:

I leave you football skills and #26, so you can be more like me.

To the entire Junior class I give my profound abilities to not do anything in the classroom and still make decent grades.

Zack Mayfield (sorta mind/somewhat sound body)

Sound system to Ben Davis, so he can continue to disturb the peace after I’m gone.

Parker Kelly

I leave my back handspring to Emma Kate because she wasn’t allowed to do hers for competition cheer due to her wrist injury.

Morgan Tillman

I, Morgan, leave my low tolerance for idiotic people, smart smart mouth, moody attitude and strength to Kylie Garner - the next weight room softball prodigy.

I leave my counrty accent, love for country music and excessive amount of hiccups to Haley Tyler.

I leave my GMC sweatshirt to the following people: Mr. Tanner, Ms. Reed, Mrs. Cook , Ms. Lewis and Ms. Sauls all as a reminder of how they continuously told me that it isn’t military college day.

Remington Marsh

I leave my basketball skills to Amelia Dodson to win every basketball game and to score the most points.

I leave my crocodile wearing to Ms Sauls, so she can be reminded of the student she got on to the most.

Lena Boyd

I leave my duties of helping Coach Wilson get doughnuts, cokes, making copies, cleaning desks, sorting clothes, and anything else he might need to Anne Marie.

I leave the title of the next yearbook great to Morgan Spivey.

I leave Morgan J. my hairdresser and the ability to pull off short hair.

Jeremiah Dave

I leave my minority status to Chris McClain and London Cobb. LOL STAY BLACK.

Owen Kimball

I leave my soccer skills to Ben Davis,so he can be the new goalie.

I leave my school spirit to the underclassmen because they need it.

JaDe’ Padgett

I leave my attitude to Mrs. Melvin.

I leave my rebelliousness for following dress code to Mrs. Reed and Emily Hammonds.

Andrew Mitchell

I leave the morning announcements to Chris McClain.

Cheyenne Galloway

I leave my tardies to Mattie Smith, because she is never here anyway.

I leave my driving skills to my brother, Wyatt Galloway, because he obviously needs them.

P.J. Leonetti

I leave eighteen chapters of online quizzes to Ms. Sauls.

Hunter Pope

I leave one pair of overalls, only worn once, to Ms. Sauls.

I leave “If Democrats had brains, they’d be Republicans,” by Ann Coulter, to Ms. Lewis.

Josh Williams

I leave my catching skills to Wyatt Galloway.

Chase Olson

I leave whatever dignity I have left to Danny Ramsdell, because he needs some.

Joseph “Fish” Harding

I leave a table to Big T and the cooler that comes with it.

Payden Cantera

I leave nothing because I’ll be gone.

Chase Young

I leave my Chubbies to Ms. Sauls

Nick Adamczyk

I leave some magic growing beans to Little T.

Hunter Burson

I leave my duties with Mrs. Judy to Zach Wilson and Nolan Cleary. I leave torturing Coach Hawkes to Ben Davis and Chris Cain, and pinch running to Hunter Whiting

Abigail Hyde

I leave my dropped baton to the relay team

Tracie Harris

I leave my excuse book to Matti Smith, I leave Mrs. White the extra point she never gave me. I leave all of my red cards and anger issues to Haley Tyler, and I leave most talkative to Gracie Brittian.

Marissa Mooneyham

With something about me being of sound, mind, body, and whatever… because I can’t remember it exactly. I leave my academic abilities to my sister, Maddie, (even though I doubt that even this will help her now). I leave the small amount of patience I possess to Traci Brady because she’s going to need it after this year’s seniors leave Publications. I leave my role as yearbook aficionado to Cheyenne Miller and Morgan Johnston. Both of you please carry on my legacy.

Zach Beggs

I leave a free lunch date with me and my uncle, Coach Beggs, and one pair of glasses to Ms. Lewis.

Hank Strickland

I leave my dry humor to Emma Kate Edmonds, and my shoe game to Sam Younker.

Hunter Knox

I leave banana suit to Talon Anglin, and I leave most athletic and muscles to Clay Kirkpatrick

Luke Andrews

I leave my first baseman skills to Big Mike; I leave Peyton Partenza memories of our locker meetings and the time we spent together.

Mikey Davis

I leave the lunch ladies a cookbook. Emily Hammonds a stop on the bus route, and Mrs. Lewis a time card to prove I am always in class.

Dana Wright

I leave my clumsiness and sprained ankles to Haley Tyler.

Braxton Hardy

I leave my amazing homework skills to Danny Ramsdell.

Gabe Courtman

I leave my knowledge and musical skills to Steve Martin.

Cameron Hallman

I leave my excellent writing abilities to Jackson Waddleton and my artistic ability to Will Tillman.

Alex Perry

I leave my country accent and jacked up truck to Mitch Marsh and Preston Tyler.

BY: JaDe' Padgette & Haley Tyler


On April 22nd the boys’ and girls’ track teams competed at Georgia Southern University in the 2AA track meet. Fifteen track members qualified for the State GISA track meet. The boys ended up in 5th place and the girls took 3rd place. Hunter Knox won the 400 meter dash. Hunter was also runner-up for the Boys 2AA Region Over-All Points trophy. Also, congratulations to Jeremiah Dave who placed 2nd in the shot put at the region meet. Amelia Dodson place 3rd in the 300M hurdles. Sara Hammonds placed 4th in the 800M, and the team of Sara Hammonds, Emily Hammonds, Amelia Dodson, and Sydney Davis placed 4th in the 4x400M. Gracie Hunt placed 4th place in the 1600M. The team of Emily Hammonds, Anna Knox, Amelia Dodson, and Tayler Patterson placed 4th in the 4x100M dash.

At the State track meet on April 29, Jeremiah Dave placed first in shot put with a throw of 44-4. “I had been throwing a regulation college shot put,” Dave said. “The one used for high school is two pounds lighter so once I changed; it really made the throws seem a lot easier. It was definitely a highlight of the season for me.” Amelia Dodson placed second for the Piedmont girls' track team in the 300-meter hurdles. “I wasn’t expecting to do so well,” said Dodson, a junior. “I had not been able to practice a lot so I was happy to even get to state. When I was in Albany, I just gave it my best and ended up second .I will continue to work at it and try to improve before next season,” she said. Senior Hunter Knox finished third in the high jump and 400-meter dash and seventh in the long jump. The 4x100-meter relay boys team of Michael Edwards, Ben Davis, Hank Strickland and Knox was fifth overall, while Chase Young was ninth in the 800-meter run. For the Lady Cougars, Amelia Dodson, Anna Knox, Emily Hammonds and Taylor Patterson were fifth in the 4x100-meter relay while Sara Hammonds, Amelia Dodson, Sydney Davis and Emily Hammonds were sixth in the 4x400-meter relay. Sara Hammonds was eighth in the 800-meter run while Gracie Hunt was 12th in the 1,600-meter run. Piedmont coaches also credited Cassidy Cook and Ben Davis for giving “excellent effort” in very tight competitions. Overall, both the Piedmont boys and girls were 10th among 18 schools competing at the state meet. The Piedmont track teams were coached this spring by Alvin Hawkes and Judy Nelson. Congratulations to all track team members on a great season.

BY: Joseph Anderson & Chris Bridges


As of today, May 19, the Piedmont Academy baseball team is competing in the third round of the state GISA Tournament. The team plays Flint River in Woodbury on Thursday, May 21. This next round of tournament play follows PAC's victories over Georgia Southwestern in two games on Friday and Saturday May 15 - 16.

Piedmont Academy’s quest for another state baseball title began Friday, May 8 as the Cougars hosted Solid Rock Academy of Fayetteville. The team played and won a doubleheader in Monticello.

Coach Daniel Funt’s team entered the postseason as a No. 1 seed after winning the Region 4-AA championship. Solid Rock was the No. 4 seed from Region 1-AA.

“We are excited to finish up the regular season and try to get sharp for the playoffs,” Funt said. “There are several good teams in AA and it will be a battle each and every round. I’m proud of our players. They just have to remember to take it all one pitch at a time, one inning at a time and one game at a time. The playoffs are a war of attrition.”

Other first round GISA Class AA matchups included Brentwood at Flint River, Georgia Christian at First Presbyterian Christian Academy, Twiggs Academy at Crisp Academy, Brandon Hall at Windsor, Monsignor Donovan at LaGrange Academy and David Emanuel at Southwest Georgia. Robert Tombs Christian, the No. 1 seed from Region 2-AA, received a bye since Region 3-AA did not have a No. 4 seed. Admission cost for the state playoffs will be $7 for adults and $4 for students (grades 1 and up.)

Piedmont, a heavy favorite, enters state with a 14-5-2 overall record. The team finished with a 7-1 region mark. Funt’s team has won eight of its last nine games in regular season play.

Looking back at the season, Piedmont Academy's varsity team and B team both played John Milledge on Tuesday, April 21st. The B team lost with a final score of 7-1 while the varsity team won with a final score of 5-1. On Thursday, April 23rd, our middle school team won 7-2 and lost 6-0 against Brentwood.

The Cougars defeated Gatewood on the road in Eatonton in a non-region title. The Gators are actually a No. 1 seed for the Class AAA playoffs.

Piedmont scored a run in the top of the fifth inning and two more in the top of the sixth to secure the victory. Zach Beggs worked the first four innings allowing three hits while striking out four. The game was scoreless when Beggs finished pitching.

Mike Davis registered the win after throwing the final three frames with an additional four strikeouts. Offensively, Beggs was 1-for-2 and drove in two runs. Mack Brady was 1-for-2 with an RBI wile Brock Carter and Michael Edwards were also 1-for-2. Hunter Burson was 1-for-3 at the plate against Gatewood. “It was a good team win,” Funt said of Monday’s victory. “It was against a tough opponent. Playing them will help us in the playoffs.”

Piedmont closed out the regular season Tuesday, May 5 with a trip to Monsignor Donovan. The Cougars took an easy 14-0 win in Athens. Luke Andrews earned the win going three innings before Brock Carter finished out the final two innings. Beggs was 3-for-4 at the plate with a run and three RBI. Hunter Knox was 2-for-2 with two runs and an RBI

BY: Sarah Holland with updates by Angie Marks


The Piedmont varsity boys' soccer team lost to Providence at home 4-2 on Thursday, April 16. Senior Chase Young and senior Jeremiah Dave scored Piedmont’s goals. The team’s season ended on April 28 to Providence with a 2-1 loss. The varsity girls' team ended the season with a record of 1-5-1. Head Coach Zack Norris said, “We had a great season with a great bunch of kids. We came up short in a couple of games, but I can’t wait for next year.” The seniors that will be leaving the varsity boys team are Chase Young, Gabriel Courtman, Jeremiah Dave, and Owen Kimball. The seniors leaving from the varsity girls team are Tracie Harris, Abagail Hyde, Parker Kelly, JaDe Padgett, and Dana Wright.

BY: Joseph Anderson


The 2014-2015 school year is coming to an end and changes will soon be made to the handbook, in the areas of: sports, dress code, parking permits, electronics, etc... But, I want to discuss the dress code. I feel that the dress code should be revisited and edited.

Next year, I feel like the dress code should be changed to fit with current trends. Some changes that should be considered are: to let the girls wear rolled or jean capris, to allow pants to be light blue, dark blue, or at least no specific shade of blue, jewels on the pockets of pants should also be allowed. Girls will wear the jeweled pocketed jeans because it is impossible to find jeans without decoration on the back. Some girls spend 70+ dollars on their jeans only to be told, half way through the school year, to go buy new pants. If someone spends that much money on pants, I can almost guarantee that they will wear throughout the year.

Hoodies are also a major conflict throughout the school, so I think that students should be allowed to wear a Piedmont hoodie any day of the week since it is a jacket. Most people wear hoodies every day anyway, so why not make it a rule that we can? I do think the school should be more strict about non-Piedmont hoodies though. As long as the hoodie is Piedmont related, it should be allowed.

I do think the school does a decent job at is keeping our guys cleanly shaven. It is nice to know we have “clean cut” guys. I do feel like the guys should choose whether to have long or short hair because of preferences. A girl doesn’t have restrictions on the length of her hair, so why should a guy? Yes, I do understand the school wants our guys to look their best, but I think as long as the guys have hair that is under control, they should be able to have “long” hair.

Dress code is a major issue in a small school, which is good, because no individual can be made fun of because of hi o he dress. Everyone wears the same thing. Having brand names does not matter, and no one has to go out and spend tons of money on outfits to wear throughout the year. Having a dress code is what we need, but the current code needs to be updated to reflect current trends.

BY: Haley Tyler

What are Your Plans Over the Summer?

BY: Haley Tyler
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Beta Club

This year’s Beta Club was inducted on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. This year’s 2015-2016 club hopes to be more productive in the community and also in their school. The group hopes to start having community service events ,to make the school look better, and also to help the school in any way that is possible. To be a member means the student has an overall average of 90 or a 3.2 weighted average. The club is an all-around academic club. This year, the Beta Club members elected a president, vice president, secretary, and Treasurer. Summer Collins holds the position as President, Chris Cain is the vice president, Haley Tyler holds the position of secretary, and Hunter Whiting was named as treasurer. Our new members of the Beta Club include:

New Members

Luke Andrews (12th)

Hunter Pope (12th)

Abigail Hyde (12th)

Parker Kelly (12th)

Josh Williams (12th)

Summer Conley (11th)

Bridgette Phillips (11th)

Amelia Dodson (11th)

Alicia Peek (11th)

Clay Kirkpatric (11th)

Noah Quick (11th)

Brock Carter (10th)

Joseph Anderson (10th)

Maddie Mooneyham (10th)

Ian Boyd (9th)

Ivy English (9th)

Kylie Garner (9th)

Morgan Spivey (9th)

O’neil Sealy (9th)

Grayson Bradley (9th)

Lauren Benard (9th)

Mikayla Rigsby (9th)

Gracie Brittian (9th)

Jackson Waddelton (9th)

Kevin Davis (9th)

Anne Marie Hildibrant (9th)

Caitlyn Young (9th)

Sarah Hammonds (9th)

Andrew Chapko (9th)

Daniel Respess (9th)

Other Members:

Mack Brady (10th)

Madison Burnham (10th)

Michael Edwards (10th)

Wyatt Galloway (10th)

Ashley Johnston (10th)

Morgan Johnston (10th)

Chris McClain (10th)

Cheyenne Miller (10th)

Tyler Mills (10th)

Grace Roberts (10th)

Will Mack Tillman (10th)

Christopher Cain (11th)

Summer Collins (11th)

Chris Coogler (11th)

Rebecca Hopper (11th)

Morgan Leach (11th)

Steve Martin (11th)

Matti Smith (11th)

Taylor Swart (11th)

Haley Tyler (11th)

Hunter Whiting (11th)

Nick Adamczyk (12th)

Zach Beggs (12th)

Lena Boyd (12th)

Payden Cantera (12th )

Gabe Courtman (12th)

Cheyenne Galloway (12th)

Cameron Hallman (12th)

Hunter Knox (12th)

PJ Leonetti (12th)

Andrew Mitchell (12th)

Marissa Mooneyham (12th)

Chase Olson (12th)

JaDe’ Padgett (12th)

Hank Strickland (12th)

Morgan Tillman (12th)

At the induction ceremony students were reminded of the four goals of Beta: Achievement, Character, Leadership, and Service by PAC Beta sponsor Angie Marks. She ended the ceremony by reminding all in attendance of the club’s motto “Let Us Lead by Serving Others.”

BY: Haley Tyler

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National Honor Society

The Piedmont Academy Chapter of the National Honor Society held its 9th

induction ceremony on Wednesday, April 29th in the school’s gymnasium.

Membership in the National Honor Society requires students to be outstanding in the areas of scholarship, character, service and leadership.

Coach Alvin Hawkes, a member of the Faculty Council, opened with an invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance. Ms. Angie Marks, Piedmont’s NHS advisor, gave the Welcome and a short history of NHS at PAC. Current senior members of NHS, Morgan Tillman, Cameron Hallman, and Lena Boyd spoke on the NHS values of service, leadership, and scholarship. Ms. Ashley Cook, PAC counselor, spoke on the value of character. Faculty Council members, Daniel Funt, Tiffany Taylor, Leslie White, and Alvin Hawkes, then gave inductees their certificates. Each new member signed the official record book of NHS members at Piedmont Academy as he/she received a membership certificate. This official record book contains the signatures of all of the76 students inducted into the Piedmont Chapter NHS since its inception in 2006. Sponsor Angie Marks then recognized senior members of the organization and thanked them for their service. Headmaster Tony Tanner concluded the ceremony thanking first, parents for their support of their students and Piedmont, and secondly, the faculty council for their hard work in selecting NHS members. Upon the completion of the ceremony, NHS students, parents, and faculty enjoyed a reception in the PAC gymnasium.

New Members:

Payden Cantera (12th)

Summer Collins (11th)

Christopher Cain (11th)

Amelia Dodson (11th)

Rebecca Hopper (11th)

Steve Martin (11th)

Haley Tyler (11th)

Taylor Swart (11th)

Matti Smith (11th)

Madison Burnham (10th)

Cheyenne Miller (10th)

Tyler Mills (10th)

Ashley Johnston (10th)

Current Members:

Lena Boyd (12th)

Cheyenne Galloway (12th)

Cameron Hallman (12th)

Morgan Leach (11th)

PJ Leonetti (12th)

Andrew Mitchell (12th)

Morgan Tillman (12th)

Faculty Council:

Alvin Hawkes, Science & Mathematics

Tiffany Taylor, Spanish

Leslie White, English

Michael Wilson, History

Daniel Funt, Science

NHS Sponsor:

Angie Marks, English

BY: Haley Tyler & Angie Marks

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Honors Day

Picture Id’s (F/R L/R)

Middle School Honor Students All Subjects:

Sydney Stroud, Jessica McEwen, Cameron Mobley, Jake Mathews. Emily Adamczyk, Loren Pope, Emily Mills, Morgan Whitley, Mackenzie Rodgers. Gracie Hunt, Lawton Harris, Madison McCart, Deacon Robinson, Kade Mitcham, Sam Younker, Lucy Tuggle, Ryn Smith.

High School by Subject:

English: Rebecca Hopper, Noah Quick,Tyler Mills, Grace Roberts, Kevin Davis, Ian Boyd. Morgan Leach, Payton Partenza, Wyatt Galloway, Michael Edwards, Mikayla Rigsby, and Grayson Bradley.

Mathematics: Bridgette Phillips, Summer Collins, Cheyenne Galloway, Madison Suttles, Mikayla Rigsby. Chris Coogler, Austin Sullivan, Breanna Price, Tyler Mills, Grace Roberts, Grayson Bradley, Ian Boyd.

Social Sciences: Summer Collins, Cheyenne Galloway, Kevin Davis, Ian Boyd. Wyatt Galloway, Rebecca Hopper, Summer Conley, Michael Edwards, Jackson Waddleton, Grayson Bradley.

Spanish: Summer Collins, Morgan Johnston. Morgan Leach, Cheyenne Miller.

Science: Morgan Leach, Summer Collins, Summer Conley, Tyler Mills, Michael Edwards, Ian Boyd. Haley Tyler, Cameron Hammock, Daniel Respess, Wyatt Galloway, Brock Carter, Kylie Garner.

Electives: Payton Partenza, Noah Quick, Morgan Leach, Haley Tyler, Caitlyn Young.


Piedmont Academy held its 2014/2015 Honor’s Day program on Tuesday, May 5, for grades six through eleven. Several guests were in attendance for recognizing the school’s distinguished students. Guidance counselor, Ashley Cook, welcomed the visitors and congratulated the students. Headmaster Tony Tanner began the program with an invocation.


Ms. Elizabeth Davis continued with the presentation of subject awards in middle school along with faculty members Tonya Coe, Amber Hawkes, Cameron Vaughn, Christie Wallace, and Michael Wilson. Certificates were presented to students who had the second highest yearly academic average in middle school for a particular subject. Receiving a certificate in sixth grade included: Jessica McEwen, world history; Cameron Mobley, mathematics and earth science; Sydney Stroud in language arts and earth science. In seventh grade, Mackenzie Rodgers in mathematics; Loren Pope in pre-algebra, geography, and language arts; Emily Adamczyk in English. In eighth grade, Sam Younker in mathematics; Madison McCart in algebra and American history; Lucy Tuggle in language arts and English; Deacon Robinson in physical science; and Gracie Hunt in English.

Sixth grade recipients, receiving a plaque, with the highest yearly academic average in a subject included: Sydney Stroud in world history; Jake Mathews in mathematics, earth science, and English; Cameron Mobley in language arts and English. In seventh grade, Morgan Whitley in mathematics; Emily Mills in pre-algebra, geography, language arts, life science, and English; and Loren Pope in life science. In eighth grade, Kade Mitcham in mathematics; Lucy Tuggle in algebra and American history; Lawton Harris in language arts; Ryn Smith in physical science, and Madison McCart in English.

Mrs. Cook presented certificates to students receiving the second highest academic average for their overall grade point average. They included in sixth grade: Sydney Stroud; seventh grade, Loren Pope; and eighth grade, Madison McCart.

Plaques were presented to students who received the yearly highest academic average for their overall grade point average. Recipients included in sixth grade, Cameron Mobley; seventh grade, Emily Mills; and eighth grade, Lucy Tuggle.

HIGH SCHOOL 9th – 11th

Awards were presented to the students with their subject awards by faculty member, Angie Marks, along with her peers, Dan Funt, Alvin Hawkes, Ralph Hickman, Tiffany Taylor, Michael Wilson, Leslie White, Kirstie Lewis and Wes Tanner.

Subject academic award certificates were given to students who had the second highest yearly academic average in high school for a particular subject. Receiving a certificate in ninth grade included: Breanna Price, algebra one; Grayson Bradley, English, civics, and honors geometry; Mikayla Rigsby in honors English; Ian Boyd in honors geometry; Jackson Waddleton in honors civics; Kylie Garner in honors physics; and Daniel Respess in conceptual physics. In tenth grade, Michael Edwards in English and United States History; Maddie Drake in English; Cheyenne Miller in Spanish one; Wyatt Galloway in honors English, advanced placement United States history, and advanced placement chemistry; Brock Carter in chemistry; Tyler Mills in honors algebra two; and Grace Roberts in geometry. For eleventh grade, Rebecca Hopper in advanced placement United States history; Summer Conley in United States history; Payton Partenza in English and personal finance; Morgan Leach in Spanish two and honors English; Haley Tyler in honors physics; Sara Holland in journalism; Austin Sullivan in algebra two; Cameron Hammock in conceptual physics; Chris Coogler in honors algebra three and dual-enrollment college algebra.

The school’s classes in ninth grade recipients receiving a plaque for the highest academic average in a particular subject included in ninth grade, Anna Knox, algebra one and Bible studies; Caitlyn Young in Bible studies; Ian Boyd in English, civics, and honors physics; Kevin Davis in honors English and honors civics; and Mikayla Rigsby in honors geometry. In tenth grade, Grace Roberts in English; Cheyenne Miller in United States history and honors algebra two; Morgan Johnston in Spanish one; Tyler Mills in honors English and advanced placement chemistry; Michael Edwards in chemistry; Madison Suttles in geometry; Morgan Leach in literary, debate and honors physics; Rebecca Hopper in honors English; Noah Quick in English and personal finance; Summer Collins in Spanish two, United States history, conceptual physics, and algebra two; Haley Tyler in journalism; Summer Conley in conceptual physics; and Bridgette Phillips in honors algebra three and dual-enrollment college algebra.

Each year, the University of Georgia, in conjunction with the State Department of Education, recognizes Georgia Certificate of Merit Scholars across the state of Georgia in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement throughout the first three years of high school. To qualify for this prestigious award, students must rank in the top five percent of their junior class and be enrolled in college preparatory curriculum. Juniors Morgan Leach and Christopher Cain were presented as Piedmont Academy’s Certificate of Merit Scholars.

Mrs. Cook presented certificates to high school students receiving the second highest academic average for their overall grade point average included in ninth grade, Mikayla Rigsby; tenth grade, Cheyenne Miller; and eleventh grade, Morgan Leach. Plaques were presented students who received the yearly highest academic average for their overall grade point average. Recipients included ninth grade, Kevin Davis; tenth grade, Tyler Mills; and eleventh grade, Rebecca Hopper.

Student candidates eligible for yearly perfect attendance certificates in middle and high school included Mallory Boyd, Meg Collins, Rainey Loftin, and Ian Boyd. Perfect attendance certificates will be included in the student’s report card at the close of school year 2014/2015. Students who are candidates for yearly prefect attendance, academic special distinction, headmaster’s list, and honor roll will be announced at the conclusion of the 2014/2015 school year.

The senior class will be honored on May 21st during Class of 2015 Honors’ Night.

BY: Judy Nelson

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Field Day

senior class

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junior class

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sophmore class

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Freshman class

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Lend- A- Paw

On Tuesday, April 21 2015 the students and staff of Piedmont Academy had a lesson in what it means to help others. Over 300 students, staff, and volunteers went into Jasper, Butts, and Newton counties to work in a community outreach program called “Lend a Paw Day.” They visited seventeen different sites in surrounding counties and helped with many projects. In Newton County, they visited the Covington Salvation Army, Benton House, Solid Rock Church Food pantry and thrift store, Chimney Park, Covington YMCA, Falcon Woods Farms, Yellow River Park trail, and Jackson Lake. The groups helped with various projects from cleaning grounds, painting, picking up trash, entertaining our counties senior citizens, and the pure enjoyment of helping others. This was the first year the school has orchestrated a school-wide project and Piedmont Academy hopes to make it an annual event. The school has strong feelings that their students greatly benefited from these types of service projects. The event served to bring people together and help each other as well as provide an atmosphere for creating a strong sense of community and school pride. Coordinators of the event were Holly Frank and Robin Anglin.

BY: Judy Nelson & Chris Bridges