Sports Psychologist

Jared Knowlton


Sports psychologists work with athletes to overcome mental and emotional blocks that are affecting their performance in a sport, as well as helping athletes deal with the mental aspect debilitating injuries. They Often work for a specific team or college


You must be AASP certified in order to be practicing sports psychologist

Daily Activities

Daily activities include, assessing and determining your patients progress and needs, Developing programs to help athletes deal with the psychological aspect of their sport, teaching athletes mental strategies to overcome injuries or other mental problems with their sport, counseling on visualizing and goal setting as it relates to athletics.


At least a masters degree is required in order to be a sports psychologist. but A doctorate in psychology would give you a better chance of getting a good job. There are also on the job internships available that can help you to get a good job.


The average national income is $86,380


You must have good communication and counseling skills as well as an understanding of human thoughts and behaviors

Practice Settings

Alot of them work for college or high schools helping with their sports teams on and off the field, you could also act as a regular psychologist who just specializes in sports. Generally in an office setting with some mental exercises on the field


Job opportunities in sports psychology are expected to grow 12% by 2020


What is a Sport Psychologist?