February BMS Media News

Pamela J. Baker Media Coordinator

Accelerated Reader Updates

Students at BMS are excited about reading thanks to the support of our faculty, staff, parents and community. The following students were recognized for the 2nd quarter as having the most AR points in their grade level. The AR Celebrities are:

6th Grade: Arriyanna Jenkins with 42.4 points

7th Grade: Zebadiah Newkirk with 44.6

8th Grade: Alex White with 98 points

Stem: Aaron Mann with 71.4 points

The Golden Phoenix is awarded to the homeroom that has 100% AR participation and the highest average for the month. Boy was this a tough competition. The results are:

Snow 60.5

Williams 68.8

Johnson Bazemore 73.7

Pontes 77.6

Peele 84.5

Tyson 84.9

Doyle 85.1

Congratulations to each homebase. Mrs. Doyle's Homebase will enjoy Phoenix time in the gym and ice cream.

Students that exceed their quarterly AR goal with an A average will be awarded a pizza party at the "Super Phoenix Celebration" Friday, February 5 at 2 pm in the Media Center. There are 33 eligible students that can attend this special event. Congratulations to each of them!

Of course with all this reading comes an increase in book circulation. Congratulations to the following homerooms for having the highest number of books checked out for the month.

Ms. Sessoms - 54 books

Mrs. Tyson - 41 books

Mrs. Credle and Ms. Pontes - 34 books

The student that checked out the most books was Beronica Ermelinda Paiz-Velasquez from Mrs. Johnson Bazemore's homebase with 10 books.

Top titles students would encourage their friends to read are:

Everlost, How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill, A Smart Kids Guide to Social Networking Online, The Undertaker and Without Tess.

Club Day

Club Day was a true success. Thanks to everyone that participated. Students and staff seemed to enjoy the different activities throughout the day. Congratulations on a job well done.