Wilson's Disease

For Mrs. Winter

History (discovery)

The man who discovered this disease was Dr. Samual Alexander Kinner Wilson .

This break through was in the year of 1887.

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  • Wilson's disease is a genetic disease that prevents the body from removing extra copper in the body
  • The child has to inherit the gene mutation from both parents to have an increase in likelihood for the disease .
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  • Swelling of the liver or spleen
  • Yellowing of the skin and whites from the eyes
  • Fluid buildup in the legs or ababdomen
  • A tendency to bruise easily
  • Fatigue
The bodies organs will stop working if there is to many copper in the body


The treatment would be taking your daily pills. But there is no cure.
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  • There are medicines you have to take which are Cuprimine and Sprite
  • And it effects both genders (men & women)
  • This disease is a genetic mutation found in the nucleus in the DNA

Testing Include

  • Blood and Urine test
  • Brain scan
  • Eye exam
  • Genetic testing
  • liver sample

A very interesting fact

It's not safe to consume tap water because of the possibility of copper particles of the pipes sitting within the water. It is better to just stice with bottled water.
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  • Cuprimine
  • Syprine
  • Iron supplements
  • And creams


  • Www.YouTube.Com there is a story about a girl who has it
  • Wilson's disease symptoms