My Digital Footprint

By: Francisco Diaz

Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is the way you show yourself and use the internet or social media devices. A persons digital footprint impacts certain things in their career choice. For instance if you want to go into a business your boss might look you up on social media, and other things to find, "What has this person done with the internet?"

Online Tools


I used this tool to help with my 20% project.This tool allowed me to put my videos of me learning the techniques I assigned myself.

YouTube is a good tool for a digital footprint for many reasons.

  • Is shows what you learned to other people
  • Allows you to teach other people on what you learned
  • It gets your name out into the world

With this tool you can really post anything as long as if you use someones work you properly cite them.


Blogger helped me talk and reflect on what I have learned and what it means to me.I mainly used this tool to talk about what I was going to learn, and how I am learning it.

Blogger is a great tool for a digital footprint because

  • Gets your name out-You can add a bio, and contact information
  • Helps people know you a little bit better
  • If your employer searches your name this will pop up


Twitter helped me find other people with my interests and show my school spirit.This tool was mainly used to express my school spirit and really find the people who had a lot of similarity of interests to myself.

Twitter is an amazing tool because

  • Find people with same interests as you
  • Post about your work or cause
  • Share things that might be able to benefit other people

The Impact

What Helped Me

This helped my name get out there. With my digital footprint the way it is I believe I have a small chance a getting a pretty good job. I learned how to really put myself out there and make a name for myself and I hope others see my digital footprint.

What Harmed Me

The time consumption of my digital footprint was a killer. I would always have to check my twitter and other social media devices. Making posts for my digital footprint was more difficult due to the fact that I couldn't concentrate.


1. I could have added more to my twitter and other social media pages. This might have gotten me higher when you search me up

2. If I would have worked harder on most of my projects then I could have showed a lot more about me

Everything on this Semester

This semester really helped my understand why I we had to take this class. I learned that in order to keep a positive footprint that you shouldn't put anything you don't want anyone else to see. Also put things that will get people to like you and see you as a good and hard worker. But the most important thing I learned is to put yourself out there. Follow people with the same interests as yourself, and post about your work or projects or whatever you are working on.