Green Revolution and GMOs

GMO's S'more

What were the causes and results of the Bengal Famine in 1943?

The Bengal Famine in 1943 was one of the worst things to happen in India. Four million people died of starvation alone. The main theory of the cause of this was there was no main food production. But the main reason was hysteria, this related to World War II.

The three basic elements of the Green Revolution in India:

The first basic element was continued expansion of farming areas. The second basic element was double-cropping existing farmland. This means that they were doubling up the crop seasons per year. And the third basic element was using seeds with improved genetics. This means that they developed new strains of HYV (High Yield Value) seeds, wheat, and rice.

Two positive results of the Green Revolution in India:

The green revolution established India as one of the world's biggest agricultural producers. Also Yield per unit of farmland improved by more than 30 percent between 1947 and 1949.

Three economic results of Green Revolution in India:

One positive economic results of the Green Revolution is that India payed back the money they used from the World Bank. The second positive economic results of Green Revolution was India changed itself from a starving nation to an exporter of food. Also a positive result would be India's foreign exchange rate went up from people that were working in Canada.

Describe two limitations of the Green Revolution:

India failed to spread the HYV around the crops and regions. Also that the Green Revolution can not be counted as the most successful plan.

Positives of GMO

  • Water was used and stored to create hydroelectric power
  • The amount of poor people went from 1.15 billion people to 835 million people (it dropped)
  • India payed back their loans
  • Agricultural and Industrial jobs increased.
  • The amount of wheat production increases and cereal production

Negatives of GMO

  • Weeds increased
  • Degradation of land
  • pest infestation has increased
  • loss of biodiversity
  • created antibiotic resistant bacteria