Math Update

Week of September 7th

Order of Operations

This week we'll focus on the order of operations. Students will use the acronym PEMDAS and the mnemonic device Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally as well as a song to help them remember the correct order. We'll practice with partners and through learning games to promote mathematical communication and problem solving. A study guide will come home on Tuesday and is due next Monday. The assessment will take place on Tuesday, September 15th.

*Exponents are not required in fifth grade. Some students may be introduced to them if they are ready for more advanced mathematics; however, they will not be assessed.

Test Corrections

We took our first test of the year last week, and overall, I'm quite pleased with the performance of our fifth graders!

With the use of online testing, it has been a challenge to provide parents with information about their child's performance on an assessment. Without being able to view the test, a number score and letter grade do not provide enough information to determine what your child has or has not mastered. In an attempt to better communicate your child's assessment performance, I've created a routine for students to self analyze and correct their work and then pass that information along to you.

After each test, students spend time reflecting on any errors that they made. Test correction sheets, like the one pictured below, are attached to each student's scratch paper. A copy of the assessment is added under the Important Documents page on my class website.

First, students independently use their class notes and/or study guide to review the questions they missed, determine errors and make corrections. If they are unable to determine why they missed a question, they can either meet with a teacher or a "class expert". Students who have demonstrated a keen understanding of the SOL are designated as our class expert on the topic and may work to "coach" their peers through the question.

After the test corrections are made and additional practice has been completed, students are eligible to take a retest. The retest grade will be averaged into the original grade, allowing students an opportunity to improve their score. Retests are required for students scoring below an 80%.

Look for test correction sheets to come home this week. Due to loss of Internet service on Friday, we were unable to complete them last week. Students who scored 100% are exempt from test corrections and only their scratch paper will be sent home.

I welcome any feedback that you have regarding this process. If you have any questions. please contact me!

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Upcoming Events/Important Dates

September 7: Labor Day - Schools Closed

September 11: Interim Reports Sent Home

September 15: 5.7 Order of Operations Test, Back to School Cookout