The Daily Roman Times

Made by: Logan Hurst

Change in the Republic

There is a new tripart gov't in Rome. Each part had they're own power, rights, and privileges. The citizens get more responsibility in the city such as voting, holding office, and

helping city prosper.

Problems in the Republic

The Gracchi brothers try to land reform and they would kill for attempts. Marius and Sulla become leaders. Marius builds new army who are poor, and unemployed citizens. Then there is a civil war w/Sulla who gained support with army.

Julius Caesar murdered off of popularity! He was assassinated by men who thought to be his allies.

Weather for the next few days and predicted for the summer and winter

The weather for today is 89 degrees fahrenheit and the predictions for the summer is gonna be a warm and dry summer and for the winter is mild and humid.

Elect John White for governor

Interview with Emperor Pax Romana

When did you begin your reign in Rome?

Pax-I began in 200 AD

What is your instability?

Pax- My only instability is the transfer of power.

That's all we have for you today.

Pax- Thank you

Kids section

Scrambled words





Did you know?

Plebeians and Patricians were rarely mixed socially, although, a plebeian might marry a patrician. It was unusual and prior to the Republic, but it was against the law for a pleb to marry a patrician.

This your chance to go to Egypt, able to see the sarcophagus' and the pharoahs- 2 pieces of silver per person.

Come join in on building a new temple 5 pieces of silver per day of work.

Christianity letter

Dear editor, Allow me to write about how that we can have our own way of our religion because us citizens would like to have our own ways of the religion.


Logan Hurst

New Barbarian Tribe called the "Goths"

The Goths are one of the toughest tribes and right now they are around the black sea. They have been designated as "Scythians".

The Aqueducts have finally been built and now we have a better system of water!

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