OUUC Weekly Update 7-29-20

News from the Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Worship Service August 2, one online service at 10:00 am

“Preemptive Radical Inclusion in COVID-Times” - CB Beal, M.Div.

CB will share reflections on the idea of PRI as an entryway to increase justice and equity among ourselves and in the world, and a way to embody beloved community in this time of physical isolation and social connection.

BIO: CB Beal, M.Div. (they/them/theirs) is a white, queer, non-binary, mostly able-bodied educator, writer, storyteller, and speaker. CB is 2019 recipient of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Angus H. MacLean Award for Excellence in Religious Education. They make their home in a farmhouse library loft in western Massachusetts and consult with individuals and organizations about increasing consent culture, equity, and justice in the world. You can find them online at justiceandpeaceconsulting.com

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From Rev. Mary - Vote Your Values

One of the things that I did while I was away from OUUC these past few weeks was to spend some time with the primary election voter's guide in order to complete and mail in my ballot. The guide was a fascinating read, highlighting the variety of opinions and perspectives that make up “we the people.”

I am also aware that next month marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the US (it actually happened in Washington state ten years earlier in 1910.) The right and privilege for people like me to participate in our democracy was hard-won and I don’t take the responsibility lightly. Read more....

The Board Line

The OUUC Board of Trustees met in July and discussed several important matters that we want to share with you. Please check out our video update below from Board Secretary Barry Zickuhr or continue reading. As many of you know, Kari Kopnick, our Interim Community Life Coordinator during this challenging time will soon move on to her next endeavor. We are very thankful for her service; she will be missed. Part of Kari’s role was to help Rev. Mary consider the staff positions and duties that would best meet the needs of our church now. Read more....
OUUC July 2020 "From the Board"

Quick Notes

We gather to begin another church year with the ritual of water communion on September 13. Since we will not be co-mingling our water in person, let’s share images of our water adventures this Summer, even if it is from our kitchen tap. Please send your photos to communitylife@ouuc.org. We’ll share our images during our water communion service on September 13.

You can access an archive of Thursday evening services and Mid-week meditations here. The Thursday evening services will resume on August 27.

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Ways to Give - Did you know you can donate to OUUC by text message? Just text "OUUC" and "amount" to 73256. You can also donate online by visiting our secure online giving page.

In the Larger Community

Young Readers Need Books - Community Youth Services, a past recipient of Books, Brownies, and Beans sale proceeds, operates two crisis residential centers for youth, ages 12-17. During their stay they have a lot of time on their hands – many field trip destinations are closed due to the pandemic – and most kids borrow books from the center library. Unfortunately, the book selection has grown quite dated and worn, with few of the hottest new titles, few graphic novels, and many missing books from beloved series. Perhaps you have books that could meet the needs of young readers. To learn what titles or subjects are needed, contact Lynsi Polanco.