December is the month of giving!

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December is the month of giving!

What’s special about December! It’s just like any other month for us. This is not true everywhere. December is the month of Giving; it is the month of celebration. It is the month of holiday. The last month of the year has to be made special for us and for people around us. This psychology set a trend in the mind of people to end the year sharing happiness. Also, ending a year with happiness will facilitate the commencing year to be joyful and peaceful. It is also a month of awareness. People have to get informed about various factors that influence the Eco system around us.

Happiness in itself is a relative term. The greater you give happiness to others, the greater is your happiness retention. “Heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.” Help the needy & teach the greedy must be your slogan from 2015 onwards. Treat people equally, don’t bias people based on their caste, creed and race. Eradicate discrimination from the society. These will surely make the world a better place to live.

The above two paragraph justifies the question WHY? Now we will understand HOW? The basic requirement for you to make others cheerful is first by being cheerful. How can I invite happiness into my life? This is the doubt that most people have. This article will tour you through the measures that will help you in achieving the above goal.

To be happy oneself, stress free life is very much necessary. We get stressed and pressurized by the work that we do. Hence it becomes very much essential for us to distress it. Here are few tips – Go for a walk daily, exercise regularly, take sufficient sleep. Occasionally you can have a sauna bath, have body massage, dive into a swimming pool etc. Make the former things mandatory daily and the latter activities once in 10 – 15 days.

Games are a better way to relax a human soul. Engage yourself in sports like cricket, football, hockey, volleyball etc. If the above sports are not possible, then at least spare time for indoor games like chess and carom. Even if these are not possible then online games comes to your rescue. Let me now tell you the easier and simpler online card game. This is the game of cards. Card games are of various types, out of them the 13 card Indian Rummy is one of my favorite. This game can be played with a maximum of 6 players. Playing this game online will facilitate contesting with rummy enthusiasts similar to you. You can form your own circle of friends and play the 13 card game online.

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A player without skill is like a man in ocean. A skilled 13 card game player will refrain to showcase his reliability on a raft instead he will escape the waves and roars of the sea with his ability to swim against the tide.

We can register and wait for the tournament rummy game and get the valuable prize worth of cash.

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