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Sophia Smith

Missouri Compromise

The Missourri Compromise is going on right now, it is 1820. Theres been a lot of talk going on about all the tension between the anti-slavery and pro-slavery states toward our U.S congress. Missouri wanted to enter as a slave state and thats when it just boiled over. This was such a big deal, because it threatened the balance between slave and anti-slave states. So to keep the peace, Congress is going to create a two-part compromise. This compromise will state that Missouri may enter as a slave state, and Maine can enter as a anti-slave state. There is still some tension so it also passed an amendment the "drew a line" across the Louisiana Territory, establishing boundery between free and slave regions. This has been very sucessful as of right now. In the year of 1820 there has been no further problems with the balance between free and slaves states.

Election of 1824

Today is Febuary 9, 1825 and John Quincy Adams was elected president today. This is the only time since the Twelfth Amendment in which the presidental election was decided by the Hour of Representitives. This is also the only election so far where the canadiate with the most votes didn't become president. People have often been saying that this is the first election that the president didn't win the popualr vote, although the popular vote was not worldwide. It is like this, because several states didn't condust a popular vote, which allowed their state legislature to choose their electors.

Indian Removal Act

At this time the U.S Congress is using a treaty to remove the Indians from their tribal territory. They are going this, because they want the rich farm laand that the Indians have. They want to send the Indians westward. Jackson destroyed their militias power, then he forced this traety upon the Indians saying they will surrender to the United States over the Indians land. Over time Jackson's government succeeded. The Indians resisted the removal, but the supreme Court ruled that the Indian tribes were indeed sovering and immune from Georgia laws. It was a hard time for the Indians as they make their way westward.

The Monre Doctrine

Today is December 2, 1823. Today is the day that President James Monre use his annual message to Congress. This message stated 'The American continents... are henceforth no to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powrers.' With this also came other statements as George Washington 's Farewell Address and John Hay's Open Door notes regarding overall shape. This 'Monre Doctrine' is soon to become a cornerstone of American foregin policy. Quincy Adam's so far through this he has played the most important role in develping and the wording of the declaration, and he also has really affected the overall shape.
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