AVHS Update Newsletter: September

September, 2022

Cut Through the Clutter of Email: Sign Up for Text Messages

Texts are delivered via SchoolMessenger, the mass notification service the district uses for phone calls and email messages. Parents must opt-in to receive text messages. Standard message and data rates may apply.


  • Text Y to 67587, you will receive a confirmation message stating you are registered to receive SchoolMessenger notifications via text.
  • For help information, text HELP to 67587.

  • To opt-out at any time, text STOP to 67587.

*Only SMS numbers listed as Guardians in the Infinite Campus student information system can receive texts.

Stay Connected and Updated with AVHS

Families can expect to receive updates from us on Fridays through Schoolmessenger. You can also stay connected by accessing our school website and by following us on social media.
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Who Do I Go To For Help?

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

From September 15 to October 15 AVHS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic American champions who inspire others. The AVHS Library Media Center has curated a number of books and other resources in addition to activities/information offered through advisory and TV monitors in the building.

Discover documents, exhibits, films, blog posts, and more from the National Archives and Presidential Libraries that highlight Hispanic culture.

5 THINGS TO KNOW IN 5 MINUTES: Week of September 26th

Q1. When are fall conferences?

Fall Conferences are on October 6th and 7th. More information will be coming to sign up for a specific time to meet with your student's teachers.

Q2. How will I sign up for conferences?

Families will receive an email next week to sign up for a conference time slot via the PTC Fast. You can come to AVHS at the time you selected and meet with the teacher in person or access the teacher’s zoom link for a virtual conference.

Q3. Will interpreters be available?

Due to high demand, interpreters are available on a limited basis for in-person or conferences conducted via Zoom. Please contact Teresa Stepka at teresa.stepka@district196.org to request an interpreter.

Q4. Can I buy a yearbook for my student?

Yes. 2021-22 yearbooks are available to purchase directly from Apple Valley High School by stopping in the main office. You can purchase your 2023 yearbook on our website at the lowest price of the year through September 30th. Books are on sale for $85 and will go up to $90 beginning October 1st. Go to the AVHS website, Families Yearbook Info to purchase.

Q5. Is there school Friday, September 30th?

Friday, September 30th is a Data day for teachers and no school for students.

5 THINGS TO KNOW IN 5 MINUTES: Week of September 19

Q1. When is the first Connection & Collaboration Eagle Day?

Our first Eagle Day of the 22-23 school year will take place on Friday, September 23rd. The designated block of time for academic and social-emotional support will take place between 7:30 and 9:00 am. Following the Eagle time, we will run an alternative schedule for all seven classes. First hour begins at 9:05 am.

Q2. How do I know where to go and what to do during the Connection & Collaboration Eagle Days?

Students will either be requested by a teacher or self-study in the cafeteria. If you are requested for intervention, your advisory teacher will let you know in on Wednesday. Parents can expect to receive an email through Schoolmessenger if their student has been identified as needing additional academic support.

Q3. Are Connection & Collaboration Eagle Days school days?

Yes. Students will attend all seven of their classes on these days beginning at 9:05 am. Attendance will be taken as usual. Families must approve an absence during the intervention block from 7:40 to 9:00 am.

Q4. Why did AVHS add Connection & Collaboration Eagle Days to the schedule?

Based on our experiences over the past few years, we know that regular intervention periods are powerful. We also know that students benefit from the opportunity to connect with their teachers and peers in smaller settings.

Q.5 Anything else big happening at AVHS the week of 9/19?

Yes. On Thursday, September 22, students in grades 11 and 12 will have the opportunity to view the Mock Car Crash event, a biennial event intended to make students aware of the dangers of intoxicated or distracted driving. This event includes collaboration with the AV Police and Fire Departments as well as the State Patrol. There will be a video, the mock crash event, and a guest speaker. More information will be sent in a separate e-mail message to grade 11 and 12 families on Monday.

Friday, September 23rd is an Eagle Day: What Families Need to Know…

Friday, September 23rd will be our first AVHS Connection & Collaboration Eagle Day. Our Eagle days have been designed as blocks of time for academic and social-emotional support to meet the needs of students during the school day. During this time, students will receive academic support, participate in relearning, make up labs or tests and quizzes, study quietly and collaborate with classmates on group projects.
To report an absence for a student, please either use the District 196 Absence Report Form or call 952-431-8299.
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Expectations for Football Games

Supporting our Eagles at competitions, performances, and events is one of the best parts of the high school experience. We would like to remind students and parents about the expectations for students who attend home football games to ensure a safe, fun, and positive environment for everyone.

  • Tickets will be sold through the third quarter. Following the third quarter, the gate will be closed. We do not allow re-entry to the game without the purchase of another ticket.

  • No outside food or drinks are allowed in the stadium

  • No abusive, inappropriate language or unruly behavior will be allowed

  • No taunting of individual players or officials

  • No throwing of objects or any projectile onto the field or in the stands

  • No use of any prohibited items (artificial noisemakers, unauthorized signs, etc…)

  • Students are expected to sit/stand in the student section (north end of home bleachers)

  • Students are not allowed to bring in bags or backpacks into the stadium
  • Students are expected to be in the stands watching the game rather than congregating behind the stands or in the concessions area
  • Students should pre-arrange for rides to be on-site prior to the conclusion of the game.

Consequences apply regardless of whether the misbehavior took place in school, on District property, in a district vehicle, at a school or district activity, or at a school bus stop. When fans attending athletic events violate the above expectations, they may be asked to leave the event (by a school official) and may be prevented from attending future events.

We appreciate your help with the implementation of these expectations and rules at AVHS events. Thank you for supporting the AVHS football team as they take the field against their opponents.

Cory A. Hanson

Athletic Director



The homecoming dance is 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm on Saturday, September 17

Homecoming dance tickets are $10 and are purchased directly on My Payments Plus starting Tuesday, September 6.

Tickets are NOT available at the door and must be purchased by September 15.

Homecoming Week 2022!

Monday, September 12

Spirit Day: "Meme Day" - Dress up as your favorite Meme/Vine

The Powderpuff football game begins at 7:00 pm in the AVHS stadium. Powderpuff football is a homecoming tradition where the girls of the Class of 2023 will take on the girls of the Class of 2024 in a game of flag football.

Tuesday, September 13

Spirit Day: "Culture Day" - Dress in clothes from your culture

The Dodgeball tournament will take place in the gyms beginning at 6:00 pm. Come enjoy this great night of school spirit! The winners of the tournament will take on the teacher team at the pepfest on Friday.

Wednesday, September 14

Spirit Day: "Jersey Day" - Wear your favorite sports jersey

Thursday, September 15 - last day to buy homecoming dance tickets!

Spirit Day: "Business vs. Vacation" - Grades 9 and 11 wear Business clothes, grades 10 and 12 wear Vacation clothes

Girls Tennis at Home at 3:30 pm

Boys Soccer at Home at 5:00 pm

Girls Soccer at Home at 7:00 pm

Volleyball at Home at 7:00 pm

Friday, September 16

Spirit Day: "Class Color Day" - Brown (Grade 9), Gold (Grade 10), White (Grade 11), Black (Grade 12)

Student Late to Class/Hall Sweep

Students found in the hallways during random hallway sweeps are given a warning for the first time. If a student is found in the hallways a second time and beyond, they will receive a detention. Families will receive an email notification when their student has been given a warning and/or detention.

Parents and guardians can check your student’s attendance (tardies & absences) in Infinite Campus If you are not able to log in, you can receive assistance by clicking here.

Back to School/Open House on September 14th 6-8 PM

What Parents & Guardians need to know!

  • This event is for parents and guardians of ALL grade levels. Students do not need to attend.
  • Your student's schedule is available on the Campus Portal Parent App.
  • Due to the number of attendees, we cannot print schedules.
  • In order to ensure a timely start to the first hour, please arrive between 5:45 and 6 pm.
  • Parents and guardians will follow a shortened version of the school day (8-minute classes; 4-minute passing time)
  • If you cannot arrive by 6:00 pm, you can wait in the commons and follow the schedule until 7:45 pm.

Teachers will provide an overview of their grading practices, major assessments, and resources that are available to help students be successful.

5 THINGS TO KNOW IN 5 MINUTES: Week of September 12

Q1. When is Back to School Night/OPEN HOUSE?

All families are welcome to attend the AVHS Open House/Back-to-School night on Wednesday, September 14, beginning at 6:00 pm. Families will follow their student's schedule through a shortened school day; the first-hour class will start promptly at 6:00 pm

Q2. When is the homecoming game?

The homecoming football game against Bloomington Jefferson is Friday, September 16 again at 7 pm. There are other home athletic events to showcase our teams throughout the week, including Girls Tennis, Volleyball, and Boys and Girls soccer all at home on Thursday, September 15! Visit the Athletics page of the AVHS website for tickets and more info!

Q3. How do I order homecoming dance tickets?

The Homecoming Dance, open to all students grades 9-12, is 7:30 - 10:30 pm on Saturday, September 17. Students purchase tickets for $10 on My Payments Plus. Tickets must be purchased by September 15 and are NOT available at the door.

Q4. What is a HALL SWEEP and how do I know if my student is getting to class on time?

Being in class on time is essential! Hall sweeps are random, unannounced times where teachers close their doors as soon as the bell rings. Students are not permitted into the classroom without a pass, which they get from an administrator.

Q5.How do I order school pictures that were taken this week at school?

Ordering pictures is optional; if you would like to order, use code: EVTK4G4BB at mylifetouch.com

A School-Wide Approach to Cell Phones

Our AVHS school-wide approach allows students the flexibility to use cell phones to stay connected to their family and friends during passing time, lunch, and before/after school, but also to keep them from becoming a diversion from the learning in the classroom. This is how it works:

Expectations: What We Do During the School Day

  • During all class periods, cell phones and personal devices are turned off or on airplane mode and stored out of sight.

  • Students may use personal cell phones and mobile devices before and after class, during their lunch periods, and between classes.

  • To prevent usage in hallways and restrooms, students will exchange their cell phones for a pass to leave the classroom during instructional periods. If a student does not have a cell phone, they may exchange their student ID.

Non-Negotiables: What We Don’t Do

  • It is never acceptable to send threatening or harassing messages or phone calls.

  • It is never acceptable to take photos or videos of others without their permission.

  • It is never acceptable to take pictures or videos of fights or dangerous situations.

  • It is never acceptable to use your cell phone or electronic communication devices with messaging or picture-taking options to be visible in locker rooms or restrooms.

Students who violate this policy regarding cell phones and electronic devices are subject to appropriate disciplinary consequences.

  1. Formal warning. Teacher notifies parent/guardian of the violation (email or call).

  2. The teacher notifies the parent/guardian of the violation with a phone call. Referral to document call in Infinite Campus.

  3. Referral to Student Support Office. The administrator will meet with the student and contact the parent/guardian to establish appropriate consequences.

NOTE: If a student refuses to surrender an electronic device to an administrator they are subject to additional consequences.

EXCEPTION: Students who use a personal mobile device to monitor a medical condition (i.e. diabetes, epilepsy) may carry devices with them at all times.

There's a Cell Phone in Your Student's Head

Universal Free Meals No Longer Offered; Students Must Qualify to Receive Educational Benefits

The federal funding passed during the early part of the pandemic was not renewed in the latest spending bill, ending universal access to free school lunches. All families are encouraged to complete an Educational Benefits Application. A NEW application must be submitted each year. Families who qualify also benefit by receiving discounts or waived fees for...
  • participating in AVHS athletic teams, arts and activities
  • applying to colleges
  • costs associated with participating in graduation
  • academic tests (ACT, SAT, and Advanced Placement/AP)
  • Community Education classes and programs

District 196 Foundation: 2nd Annual Celebration October 14, 2022

The District 196 Foundation will host its 2nd annual Celebration event on Friday, October 14, 2022, at the Minnesota Vikings Museum in Eagan. The event is a fundraiser that will support the foundation’s mission to eliminate barriers to learning for students in Independent School District 196. Guests can enjoy live music, a tour of the museum, hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, and a short program. The event is open to all. Tickets cost $50 per person ($30 of which is tax deductible). Space is limited, so register now at www.district196foundation.org/events.

In lieu of attendance, the foundation welcomes donations specific to its core programs. A donation of $215 provides a student with food each weekend throughout the year. A gift of $100 restores an instrument for an aspiring musician. A contribution of $35 provides 10 books for a student in need over the summer. $1,096 provides weekend food for two children, five instruments and more than 50, new, age-appropriate books. This Club 196 level also provides recognition on our website. The foundation’s ability to fund these programs depends on support from people who share its commitment to ensuring all students have an equal opportunity to learn. To donate, visit https://www.district196foundation.org/donate

Annual Ipad Protection Plan

The Annual Optional Protection Plan that covers accidental damage or theft to the iPad has returned! Students are not automatically enrolled as they have been in previous years. If your family does not accept the optional protection plan by September 19th it is assumed you will decline the coverage. Find out more on the Back to School website: https://www.district196.org/about/back-to-school#fs-panel-141928

10th and 11th Grade IPAD Exchange

10th and 11th grade returning students will exchange their current iPad for a new device in September. Help make this transition easier by backing up anything on the iPad that would be missed to the cloud. Backup Notability by clicking on the gear in the app and turn on the desired service to save to, as this app does not do so automatically. New students to the school will receive their devices on the first few days of the school year.


All students will have their photo taken for their student ID and yearbook during English class on September 8th. If you would like to purchase photos, you may order at mylifetouch.com, enter AVHS or PICTURE DAY ID: EVTK4G4BB

Retake day is October 12.

5 THINGS TO KNOW IN 5 MINUTES: Week of September 6

Q1. Why do families prefer text messages for AVHS updates?

Answer: You may not be able to keep track of all your school emails, so try text messaging. Text Y to 67587, to receive notifications via text. We send out AVHS updates every Friday at 4 pm in a phone-friendly format so you know what to expect.

Q2. When are school pictures?

Answer: School picture day is Thursday, September 8. ALL students, including seniors, will have their pictures taken during their English class. Families will be able to order school picture packages directly at mylifetouch.com.

Q3. How do I make sure my student has money in their lunch account?

Answer: Check your student's account balance through PayPams. Because meals are no longer free, your student may qualify for Educational Benefits and receive free or reduced meals at school.

Q4. Can my student use their cell phone in school?

Answer: Students don't need cell phones at school and are not allowed during class time. Students may use their cell phones during passing time. For more information on the AVHS cell phone policy, please read below.

Q5. How does my student buy a ticket to the homecoming dance?

Answer: Homecoming dance tickets are $10 and are purchased directly on My Payments Plus starting Tuesday, September 6. Tickets are NOT available at the door and must be purchased by September 15. The homecoming dance is 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm on Saturday, September 17.

Parking lot drop off & pick up procedures

Please take care in our parking lot when dropping off your student please remember that your student will not get to class on time if they are not in the parking lot by 7:30 am.

The entrance lane is marked for drop-off, and after dropping off, please move to the through lane. Please do NOT pick up students in the through lane at pick-up time.

If you are dropping off or picking up a student, please also do not drive in the parked car lanes or block the marked crosswalks; this is unsafe for both drivers and pedestrians.

Attention Class of 2023

Stay tuned for information coming out in early September to sign up for your “Fall Senior Interview”. This 45-minute meeting will cover graduation credits and college/career planning, including financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Meetings will take place throughout October, and parents are encouraged to attend.

Parking Permits

Apple Valley High School issues parking permits for each trimester. The parking fee each trimester is $60 and may be paid on MyPaymentsPlus. All outstanding fees/fines must be paid in full in order to pick up the parking permit tag in the main office.

Students will receive a parking agreement to follow the safety guidelines and map for the parking lot.

Students in need of accessible parking should contact Assistant Administrator Paul Tinder at Paul.Tinder@district196.org or call 952-431-8341. All other questions can be directed to Jackie Preble at 952-431-8224.

Food Service News Flash: Shortages and Supplies

Shortages and supply chain issues have brought great challenges at all points of the food chain -- from raw materials and manufacturing to packaging and transporting. In addition to food, this shortage affects the paper products used to serve meals, and even the trays that are a mainstay in the cafeteria, among other items.

At the same time, many schools are affected by staffing issues, with workers retiring or leaving the profession. Yet, despite these challenges, our nutrition teams are working tirelessly behind the scenes to secure the necessary items needed to provide students with a healthy and balanced meal.

Nutrition Services is optimistic the situation will improve as we move through the school year. Please keep in mind there may be situations where the menu will change with little notice. Nutrition Services will communicate menu updates via Nutrislice.