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republic President Benigno AQUINO   Kongreso all the courts in the country 2 February 1987, effective 118 years of age; universal1 February 1987


The currency of the phillipens is the peso. some of the trade export countries and the percents are Japan 18.5%, US 14.8%, some of the industries are electronics assembly, garments, footwear, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products, food processing, petroleum refining, fishingina 12.7%, Singapore 8.9%, some of the resources are sugarcane, coconuts, rice, corn, bananas, cassavas, pineapples, mangoes; pork, eggs, beef; fishg 7.7%, South Korea 4.6% (2011)4,300 (2012 est.)note: data are in 2012 US dollars agriculture: 33%industry: 15% services: 52% (2010 est.)


noun: Filipino(s) adjective: Philippine Tagalog 28.1%, Cebuano 13.1%, Ilocano 9%, Bisaya/Binisaya 7.6%, Hiligaynon Ilonggo 7.5%, Bikol 6%, Waray 3.4%, other 25.3% (2000 census)Filipino (official; based on Tagalog) and English (official); eight major dialects - Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, Bicol, Waray, Pampango, and PangasinanCatholic 82.9% (Roman Catholic 80.9%, Aglipayan 2%), Muslim 5%, Evangelical 2.8%, Iglesia ni Kristo 2.3%, other Christian 4.5%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.6%, none 0.1% (2000 census)


mostly mountains with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands.timber, petroleum, nickel, cobalt, silver, gold, salt, copperastride typhoon belt, usually affected by 15 and struck by five to six cyclonic storms each year; some of the natural disatures are landslides; active volcanoes; destructive earthquakes; tsunamisvolcanism: significant volcanic activity; Taal hich has shown recent unrest and may erupt in the near future, has been deemed a "Decade Volcano" by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth Interior, worthy of study due to its explosive history and close proximity to human populations; Mayon (elev. 2,462 m), the country's most active volcano, erupted in 2009 forcing over 33,000 to be evacuated; other historically active volcanoes include Biliran, Babuyan Claro, Bulusan, Camiguin, Camiguin de Babuyanes, Didicas, Iraya, Jolo, Kanlaon, Makaturing, Musuan, Parker, Pinatubo and Ragang.