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Week of September 19th

3rd & 4th Grade Focus on Genre

This week, students spent time investigating the topic of genre. We focused on the following guiding questions: "What are the different genres?" and "How would we describe the different genres?"

In small groups, students used a tasting booklet to record observations of book samples at a genre table. Students recorded data in the areas of character, setting, and short plot lines. Students observed the front and back covers of the books.

This week, we will be sharing data with one another, and will be working towards developing our own genre definitions. After that, we will compare our definitions with other written definitions.

5th Grade - Trash & Treasure

Students in 5th grade are busy studying Christopher Columbus. In the library, we are using an article from the Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia. Staying along the theme of "exploring," students are acting like both a detective and a pirate as they hunt for "treasure" (keywords related to a question) and ignore the "trash" (information in an article unrelated to the question.)

Students are especially passionate about Columbus' interactions with the Native Americans. We used that as our focus question: "How did Columbus interact with the Native Americans?" and we have started to take relevant and focused notes on this question.

Next week, we will have a new focus question, and will use highlighters to visually see how the "treasure" found in a source changes based on the questions we are asking.

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