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Tornadoes are funnel-shaped wind forms that form in certain places. Take tornado alley, USA, for example. Tornado alley is a tornado magnet. hundreds go there each year! Tornadoes form from ultimate thunderstorms called supercells. Often in the mesocyclone. Tornadoes are measured on a fujita scale, they fall on a scale from f0 to f5. Here's the order: f0: gale. f1: weak. f2: strong. f3: severe. f4: devastating. f5: incredible.

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it is important to stock up for a tornado. You can use a cellar, a basement, or if you have none, a bathroom. It is important that there are no windows around you. Waterspouts are tornadoes that form over liquid surfaces, throwing water around the place. Landspouts are the only tornado that has no association with thunderstorms and supercells. Dust devils also have a close relationship with tornadoes, they are like minature, less deadly landspouts. The last tornado relative is a gustnado. Gustnadoes are so weak, that they can only snap twigs and tip garbage cans over.

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tornadoes form in the USA more than any other place. Tornadoes can spin up to 500 kilometers per hour! The deadliest tornado in america was in 1925, it vanquished more than 600 people! Tornadoes are probably stronger than hurricanes, hurricanes don't really have their own scale. Tornadoes do though! Tornadoes are windstorms, that means that they get their power from the wind. There are better tornado forecasters now! That means better tornado safety and better tornado shelters. And there is now there are things that can show tornado pieces before the actual storm. These include unusual winds, thunderstorms, hail, and funnels. Now that tornadoes are more predictable, that means an improvement to the way we live!