Emory University

Tuition Fees for Emory University

The tuition for this school is relatively high, considering it is a private school and many try to get in because of it's ranking on universities around the world. It's tuition stands at an alarming price of $46,314.

A Few Courses I Would Be Interested In

If I were to attend Emory University there are a few courses that I would prefer to be in when I go. The course I would most like to take would be Neuroscience because that consists of the brain, the nervous system, and stuff of the sort. Another course that I would be rather interested in would be Medical Imaging. Medical Imaging is when one create and manage X-Rays, PET Scans, CT Scans, and MRI's, then consult with the doctor and sometimes the patient to discuss treatment options. A final course I would be interested in taking would be Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis. That is in which one would find ways to cure diseases and sicknesses.

If I were to attend, I would take Neuroscience and go to the school "Emory, Laney Graduate School - PhD in Neuroscience Graduate Program."

What Got Me Interested

The reason I was attracted to go to this school is because I want to be a neurologist, and my neurologist that I have now, which is the best one I've ever had, also the most knowledgeable, went to this school.
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