The Prague Holiday

The Culture

Please Note!!!!

In The whole Czech Republic, we pay with the czech Korunas, in short kc.You can switch money at the airport.


The Most Pleasing features of prague are Two Famous castles, Prazsky Hrad and Karlstejn.

Also, Charel's Bridge is famous for its statues that change their look as you go along.

Here is a short Tour around Prague

Prague - top 10 things to do and see in the city

Now Some Foods

We have got some traditional foods that will make you want to have more,when you try it.

Here is a quick Recepie of My Favorite . . . Potato Pancakes!!!

Delicious Potato Pancake (Bramborak)


There are many faboulous attractions. For example, we have a tour on our second largest river called Vltava on steam boats. I would recommend to vist at summer because that is when it will be really holiday like. Also there is a veiw-tower called Petrin and a fab way to get to it is by cable cars., but you will have to climb up the view-tower by yourself!

A small clip to show you a bit about Petrin. . .

Prague In Your Pocket - Petřín Tower (Petřínská rozhledna)

The music of Czech republic

Here is a classical piece of music by a famous singer that is called Zalman witch means basiclly a person who sang sad or emotional songs. . .

Tři přání - Pavel Lohonka Žalman & spol


There are some awesome hotel with different types of sizes, luxures and facillities.


We have loads. For example, we have a swimming pool that has got slides like tubes that go in and out of the building. Tours through famous castles, and even the kids play ground that is Called Detsky Ostrov, witch means Kid's Iland and it is a bit of a Iland because most of the Iland is on water and a veary little is connected to the shore.