Bye Bye Dr. Seuss!

Pk 4.4 - Ms. Geneva & Ms. Rebekka

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This Week...

We celebrated Bringing Literature to life with many fun activities in the classroom!

Monday: Dr. Seuss Bday!

Tuesday: Bring your favorite Book to school!

Wednesday: Dr. Seuss - The Cat in the Hat songs and poems!

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: Mystery Readers!!!

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Sharing our Favorite Book!

Next Week

Our class is beginning to study trees. We'll be observing and comparing trees to learn about what lives in them, what they're made from, and who cares for them. We hope that this study will help children explore and appreciate nature. As we study trees we will use literacy, math, the arts, and technology to explore the topic in depth. We will learn important social studies and scientific concepts through firsthand investigations.

If you are able to take a "Tree Walk" with your child, we would appreciate your help in collecting tree parts to investigate. If you can, please take a bag to a tree area and collect things that have fallen, such as leaves, bark, acorns, twigs, sticks, flowers, fruits, or cones.

Thank you!!

Lots of love,

Ms. Geneva*

What You Can Do at Home!

You can help your child explore and appreciate nature by learning about trees. Invite your child to talk about trees. Share stories about your favorite childhood memories involving trees and games you might have played around them. Wonder aloud with your child to encourage his or her thinking about trees.

  • "I wonder why leaves fall from trees."
  • "I wonder what makes some trees grow so big."

At home, collect parts of trees, and encourage your child to sort them. Your child might also enjoy making a collage by arranging and gluing tree items on paper.

Thank you for playing an important role in our learning!

Mystery Readers of the Week!

This week we had 3 amazing Mystery Readers!!

Every day right before the Mystery Reader came into the room, the kids were given 4 - 5 clues, to guess who it might be! They have so much fun trying to guess!

  • On wednesday, Mrs. Taty, Gabriel's mom, came to be our first Mystery Reader. We had fun listening to a book about Mickey Mouse and his friends going to a Picnic!

  • On Thursday, Ms. Ginni (PK3 teacher) visited us. Ms. Ginni was the teacher of some of our students, they were really excited!! She read the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland!

  • And today, Friday March 6th , Mr. Victor, Marcus' dad, came to read to us! He read a book about our favorite author DR. SEUSS, There's a Wocket in my Pocket!

We already have one Mystery Reader scheduled for next Tuesday. If you would like to schedule a day to come and read to us, please email me or you can send me a whatsapp message to my cel: 6314-2417.

Mrs. Taty

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Ms. Ginni

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Mr. Victor

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  • MARCH 21st: Family fun Fair, We would love to have you there and share a fun day with our kids. Contact Lizzy or Sarah Tatum
  • At Home: if you can go on a tree walk, and if you find leaves, etc please send them in with your child (it can help enrich our discovery center)
  • Recycled Materials: Please send clean used items from home like:
  1. Water bottles
  2. Paper (wrapping paper, scrap paper, crepe paper, wallpaper, tissue paper, etc.).
  3. Egg cartons
  4. Milk containers
  5. Detergent bottles
  6. Ribbons and fabric
  7. Paper bags
  8. Paper plates
  9. Tissue box
  10. Drinking cups
  11. Bottle caps
  12. Buttons
  13. Or anything else you can think of :)

  • SISTER SCHOOL: Pre-Kinder 4 will be collecting 2pencil erasers, 2 sharpeners, 1 dozen pencils for the sister school, Gabriel Lewis Galindo in Las Trancas.