Japan Is Lively

By Angelina Muniz

Basic Information About Japan And A Little Bit More!

Japan's capital is Tokyo, there is almost no vandalism to see in Tokyo. There is also a lot of cheap food in this city, but not cheap apartments. A lot of people in the capital are seen detracted by their mobile devices. A lot men in Japan spend a lot of time on their hair, perfecting their fashionable hair! In Japanese culture it is expected of you to wear separate shoes in the bathroom and to leave them in the bathroom in order to not spread germs in the house. Now, where is Japan located? Japan is in east of Korea and China, southeast of Russia, north of Australia, and west of the U.S. The flag of Japan, shown below, the red circle you see on the flag is a sun. The name for the Japanese is flag is Hinomaru, or Nisshoki. Hinomaru translates to, "Circle of The Sun", and Nisshoki translates to sun mark flag. The official language of Japan is Japanese, no surprise there. Japan has a Parliamentary government which means, that unlike countries like the U.S. Japan elects a president
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History In A Flash!

Life Other Than Human

Religion All Around Japan

The Culture And Fasinating Facts

Did you know that Japan means,"Land Of The Rising Sun" or "Sun Rise Land"?

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