What is Digital Citizenship?

Evan Feldman - ICS2O0

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Digital Citizenship is the general term for the set of skills that allows an internet user to stay safe and respect others while using the web.

These skills mostly stem off common sense and the golden rule (treating others the way you wish to be treated).

A Digital Citizen...

Respects Others

A good digital citizen always treats his or her peers with respect and does not indulge in behaviors such as trolling, flaming or cyber bullying.

Does not steal

Plagiarism, illegal music downloads, illegal movie streaming, hacking and online fraud are just as illegal and unethical as they would be in the real world. All of these behaviors should be condemned and content should always be accredited to the original source.

Protects their Personal Information

By sharing personal content and pictures, not correctly managing your privacy settings, sharing content and messages with strangers and by generally not being aware or caring about your online profile, you are vulnerable to identity theft and online predators and look unprofessional, lowering job and post-secondary application chances. Be smart and protect your privacy!

Makes sure to live a balanced life

Video game and internet addiction are real things and prevalent in the teen demographic. Excessive device usage causes multiple health issues such as eye strain, back issues and arthritis. Make sure you take breaks and continue to pursue real world goals.